Apex Legends Tier List
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Apex Legends Tier List of Weapons

Apex Legends weapons tier list can help you pick up the best weapons in-game. If you want to increase the odds of winning, then you need to know which ones are the best.

We’ve scoured through the internet to find you all of our favourite Apex Legends tier list of weapons. Whether it is a shotgun, submachine gun or even knife – these are some seriously powerful equipment pieces that will turn any run into an easy victory.

A new season has just started, and there are two dozen deadly weapons to pick from in Respawn’s battle royale ⁠— including the CAR SMG. Which of these guns truly is best? Here’s our Apex Legends weapon tier list for Season 11: Escape.

Apex Legends Tier List

In Respawn’s Apex Legends, there are two dozen deadly guns and weapons to pick from. From the new Rampage LMG in season 10’s Emergence update all the way down to Wingman assault rifle found within bootleg mountain village just off Silvertip Outpost.; our list will help you be crowned champion with ease.

The most direct way into unlocking new treasures however would involve completing daily challenges. Then you can buy assets per character from their respective stores (which take a while).

For every patch that drops, this tier list will be updated to show which Apex weapons are still top-tier.
The input for this is just some text that talks about what their Tier List says in regards of having statistics and personal experiences with guns so far.

Apex Legends Tier List
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S Tier Weapons

There are a lot of weapons in Apex Legends, but the ones you absolutely have to get your hands on are Kraber R-99 S Tier SMG or Prowler. These two guns will make taking down enemies easier than ever before.

1. Kraber .50 CAL — Care Package Sniper

This over-the-top bolt action sniper rifle with a single shot that can kill at any range, does ridiculous damage and will soften up opponents nicely for you to finish them off in the Apex legends mobile beta

2. R-301 Carbine

The R-301 has been a mainstay for players climbing the Apex Legends rankings since its release. With its manageable recoil and range of firing options, this weapon can be used in many ways to take down opponents quickly or strategically plan your attack on them! The gun is usually best when full auto unless peeking at an opponent from farther away where single shots will give you more accuracy than before.

3. R-99 SMG

The R99 SMG is a beast with the ability to deal 198 damage in just under two seconds. The downside? Each round only deals 11 points, so if you’re not an expert shot or have perfect aim then this gun might be too much for your taste.

4. C.A.R SMG

The C.A.R SMG has been heavily rumoured to be one of the best weapons in Season 11. With a fire rate at 930 RPM and each bullet hitting for 13 body shots (or approximately 200) this gun can pump out up to 202 without headshots. This would make it better than many other guns on offer right now because you get more damage.

A Tier

The weapons here are great choices, and all of them have their own advantages.


The L-STAR was a powerful weapon in Season 10, but with all of its abilities set to change and be nerfed for the next season 11 update, we expect this wild beast of an arcade gun won’t pose a nearly as big threat. The weapon’s damage output will take a hit as well as its size and stabilizer effectiveness.

2. M600 Spitfire — Heavy Machinegun

The creators of Apex Legends are celebrating the Spitfire, a legendary gunner that came to life in season 9. This speedy aircraft is so effective at its job. It has been used by many players across all over the world as their go-to weapon for any type of high score hunt or quick kill mission. 


The EVA-8 auto shotgun is the best weapon in Apex Legends. The Mastiff has been nerfed to oblivion and Peacekeepers are no longer given out by care packages, so we use our trusty old EVA for close-ranged work now! It beats any other gun due to its rapid rate of fire that also packs some serious stopping power with pinpoint accuracy.

4. L-Star — Energy LMG

Though the R-99 has a better startup burst, once it gets going L-STAR shreds. This is one of the best non-airdrop weapons in close range combat. It should still be used for those battles where you need some extra help with enemies around or right next to your own character. 

B Tier List

1. Volt Apex Legend Tier — Energy SMG

The Season 6 submachine gun has stormed into the Apex Legends meta at breakneck speeds and it’s not slowing down. Even after R-99 escaped last season, The Volt kept its spot on top of the metagame as one of the most picked guns in-game right now; with Titanfall 2 energy weapon arguably being the second-best pick for many people to use.

2. Alternator — Care Package SMG

The Alternator struggles to shine behind its big brothers in the light class, but there are times when it is a useful weapon. In fact, this SMG actually does more damage per bullet than an R-99. 

3. Peacekeeper — Care Package Shotgun

The Flatline is an impressive weapon with stable accuracy and a high fire rate, making it perfect to use in medium range or long distance combat. Also, its low recoil means that you can take down your enemies without missing a shot. 

4. Eva-8 Auto — Apex Legend Tier Shotgun

The Double Tap hop up was one of the best close-quarters weapons in-game. It can turn a shotgun into an efficient killing machine that will do the job, no matter how nasty it got. 

5. Hemlok — Heavy Assault Rifle

The Hemlok may be passed over by many players for its full-auto cousins like the R-301 and Flatline. However, do not underestimate this weapon. Considering how much space there is, Kings Canyon or World’s Edge have little cover to hide behind when things go south.