call of duty scare package
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Call of Duty Scare Package for Halloween

The Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War event has just begun and the call of duty scare package is here! If you want to get the biggest haul for completing nine new challenges, there’s a lot to offer. You can collect Halloween-themed cosmetic items such as emblems or calling cards in both games combined with 18 unique rewards–and that doesn’t include any other seasonal surprises coming your way soon enough.

The challenge of completing this frustrating obstacle is available in both Multiplayer and Zombies while you play Call on Duty on your PC. From what players report, it seems like they are more frequent when playing as zombies so if you’re struggling with the multiplayer side then play a few rounds on ZOMBIES for an added difficulty.

CoD Scare Packages Available

One challenge that players are struggling with, though, is Open 5 Scare Packages in Multiplayer or Zombies. Keep reading to find out what all of the challenges and rewards are in the Call of Duty Scare Package.

How to open Scare Packages in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer & Zombies - Charlie INTEL
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A Call of Duty Scare Package is actually just a reskinned Care Package, an item which can be called in using the Care Package Scorestreak. You’ll know it’s not your normal Halloween costume when you see that pumpkin orange color! It even has that big handle on top to make them resemble candy corn—the perfect seasonal treat for trick or treating.

The Call of Duty Scare Packages required to complete this frustrating challenge is available in both Multiplayer and Zombies. From player reports, it seems that they’re more frequent on the magical realm of “Zombies” so if you’re really struggling with your fellow man or zombie alike – play a few rounds against them!

How To Spawn a Call of Duty Scare Package? – Multiplayer

With a Scorestreak required to even get access to your Call of Duty Scare Package, you’re in for quite the challenge. And when it comes time for delivery–sometimes they show up as scares instead? It sounds like there’s some kind of glitch that might be causing this oversight but we don’t know what causes them or how often something like this happens so I’m not sure if anyone can answer any more questions on behalf of Dead Ops Arcade itself.

A few months ago while playing through our free survival mode trailer, one thing stood out: “Score Streaks!” We had no idea at first why these were appearing and whether their functions would change depending upon player ranks; however once alerted by YouTube viewers via email.

Call of Duty Scare Package Zombies

The alternative to getting your reward is more appealing than the original challenge in the Call of Duty Scare Package. Since you can also complete this challenge in Zombies, there’s no need for any pesky RNG or Scorestreak – just drop some scare packages and watch them spawn randomly on top of enemies. Just remember that these scare packages don’t always show up in your run-of-the-mill match so be sure not to give up hope before giving those gizzards some love.

Black Ops Cold War Scare Package: How to Open
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CoD Scare Package Rewards

When you finally locate and open 5 of the Halloween-specific Call of Duty Scare Package, your reward is a Slash-O-Lantern sticker. Most rewards for The Haunting challenges are cosmetic but will give players like yourself an opportunity to show off their skill.

COD Black Ops: Cold War Hunting Challanges

Jack-O animated emblem

30 Multiplayer eliminations in Infected

Blasting Lantern blueprint

5 matches in Multiplayer or Zombies mode

Jack’s Revenge animated calling card

50 Eliminations while using the Ghost perk in Multiplayer

Trick-or-Treat watch

200 Multiplayer eliminations in the Nuketown Halloween

Magic Broom weapon charm

Top 3 in Scream Deathmatch

Keystone Capers arcade game

3 Multiplayer kills with dying 3 times

Spiderweb reticle

10 Melee Weapon kills in Multiplayer

Molar weapon charm

5 Multiplayer kills with fire damage

▷ Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Warzone: How to get the Ghostface skin
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Call of Duty Warzone Hunting Challange

Prophecy sticker

Answer 3 phones in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist

Murderous Mime sticker

Redeploy as your Operator and collect 3 souls as a ghost

Final Summons animated emblem

Eliminate 10 enemy Humans

Frightening Watch

Get on Top 10 final with your Squad

Respirator weapon charm

Eliminate 10 enemy Ghosts in The Ghosts of Verdansk

Fire Slick M82 Blueprint

Play 5 matches in The Ghosts of Verdansk

Bloody Knife reticle

Eliminate 5 enemy Humans as a ghost

Underworld calling card

reduce your Fear Meter with 3 scared ground locations

Tentacle weapon charm

3 Hallucinations with a full Fear Meter