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Halo Infinite — Finally, a Multiplayer Shooter for Old Schools

Halo Infinite Standard Edition Review

Halo Infinite is designed to provide equal opportunity to all the players. Unlike the modern games that are filled with complexity like stats, perks, different kinds of builds, etc it is designed to be simple and interesting at the same time. The design of the game allows me to strike the opponent at an acute angle and you can strafe in the game to get the flags and return to your base. My experience with the game is that they do not focus on the realism or variety of items. Their main focus is to make the game fun for teenagers, especially for old-school gamers.

How is Halo Infinite Different?

If we compare the game with the modern multiplayer games like Fortnite, Pubg, Call of Duty, Apex, etc then we see that the game focused on providing the environment that is suitable for the players that have high skill.  In halo, everybody has access to perfectly balanced guns. Nobody has an advantage just based on guns or vests. The designers make sure that a player who has a good eye and hand synchronization has an advantage over others.

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The fact that the designer wanted to promote skill more than the overrated guns makes this game very different from all the latest multiplayer games. Teenagers like me who have been playing multiplayer games since the 2000’s usually believed in skills more than the overrated weapons in the game. That is what made me fall in love with this game. Now if you have the skill and basic knowledge about the game no young teenager can treat you like a ‘noob’.

Exciting Features in the Game:

There are a lot of features in the game but explaining them will spoil your desire to play the game. However, I will give you touch on some of the features of the game.

  • One is a very famous dynamo grenade. Instead of a regular grenade, this grenade releases an electric field. This electric field will neutralize the vehicles in its range. The other famous feature is the grapple hook. As from the name it is used to latch on something. This feature changes your movement in the game. You can latch on the wall or even on the enemy vehicle using the grapple hook. Not only will you latch on the enemy’s car but you can also kick the driver out of the vehicle.
  • The game developers make sure that the features they add are neutral and keep the game and fights intensive and interesting.
  • As mentioned earlier the developers have to make the game interesting without strafe and jump. So, the placing of the objectives has a key role in the games. A map for that needs to be very accurate and in my experience, they did a pretty good job in that. The maps are designed just like the early 2000’s game map. Instead of designing a map to give real locations, the main focus is on getting into the intensive battles. They added different ceiling heights and different levels of view on the map to make the battles interesting.

The Games Prefers Tactics

When you are playing in a game that has multiple weapons each with different damage and fire rate. You start having doubts in your mind. The first thing that you feel is that you just go luckier than your opponent. If he has access to the level of weapons that you have he might have killed you. You will feel like a lucky player instead of a skillful player. The multiplayer game makes sure that players do not feel such weird feelings. When you have access to the weapon that your opponent can also have. But you made a specific choice that helps to win the game gives a feeling that is mixed with joy and smartness.

They made the game balanced not by just neutralizing the weapons but also they make sure that players choose the right location at the right time. When you play other multiplayer games like Call of duty or Player unknown battleground you realize that you need to master the movement and jump tactics to be competitive in the game. But Infinite developers realize that this will make the game boring eventually. So, they came up with the positioning of the objectives. They provide the player with different kinds of options for the movement. The movement is made in such a way that you can easily move the character when you are in a fight against an opponent.

Why Old Players are Good in Halo Infinite?

In modern-day games, the players rely on instincts and reaction speeds. This thing has a little disadvantage. The technology companies involved in games designed their products, especially the mouse, in such a way that their user gets an advantage over a user that uses the standard mouse to play the game. This was very unfair to me. Because gaming should not cost a lot. Instead, it should be tactical and competitive. In old games, this was the main focus of the developers. You can play games even at very low frame rates. Halo revives that tactic again but with a modern touch. Now you can play the game and fight with your opponent in a standard and effective way. Unlike the games in which the fight encounters ends in a blink of an eye.

The gaming world has been revolutionized and somehow we have lost the fun in the old school game. If we play modern games we feel stress instead of enjoyment and that is where work needs to be done. This multiplayer game seems to fit that gap. And now the young players will understand that having skills is just not enough. Enjoying while playing with tactics means a lot in gaming.


The Halo Infinite is a modern game that is based on tactics and promotes the game to be fair. Instead of giving an opponent an advantage, they prefer to provide equal weapons to everybody. The combination of weapons and melee is just like punches and kicks in the 2D fighting game. They have a lot of interesting features that change the movement in the game. They make sure that the game is interesting and the players have intensive battles.


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