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Is There a Jimmy Newtron Fortnite Skin?

Have you heard about a Jimmy Neutron Fortnite skin too? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. But that could all change with one tweet on Twitter! A user posted an image that appears to show the titular character as he would look in Fortnite-style graphics and gameplay which has amassed over 70 thousand likes so far from enthusiastic fans who believe there might just be some truth behind this possibility at last.

The thought of a possible crossover between Fortnite and Jimmy Neutron is enough to make fans laugh. However, some have mixed opinions on how it could work out for this suggestion as well as other games with similar universes such as mass Effect or Minecraft where various video game characters exist in one place together without ever interacting until now. After Will Smith Fortnite skin came along, the fan really got excited to enjoy the boy genius Jimmy Newtron Fortnite skin but there is still no confirmation about it.

Is The Jimmy Newtron Skin Rumor True?

Twitter user @StinkyBlueRat who was the initial source of this rumour admitted that it’s all a big joke. The image they posted got everyone talking is actually created by artist Nazar Noschenko in April 2020, where he responded to an earlier tweet from his account about how he interpreted Jimmy Neutron with “Had fun interpreting this original design.”

Jimmy Neutron in Fortnite: What to expect, rumors, and more
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A recent report has suggested that as of now, Jimmy Neutron is not expected to appear in the upcoming iteration of Fortnite. This might be due to Epic Games’ lack of interest or their desire to collabs with other developers and brands (like Nintendo). Developers are likely already aware and inspired by these rumours leading them thus creating skins like they did previously when releasing an Unshirt skin based around Link from Legend Of Zelda: Breath Ocarina.

Jimmy Newtron From Nickelodeon

The hit Nickelodeon show from the late 1990s and early 2000s revolved around Jimmy Neutron, a young boy from Texas who is also an inventor. He has two friends named Carl and Sheen as well as their pet-insect pool mech called Clarabelle for adventures that they go on together! The characters have been seen in other shows like Rugrats or A Pup Namedincible because of how popular this series was at one point with fans all over America watching it every Tuesday evening before bedtime (and often times during too).

Is There a Future Possibility?

Though with Fortnite’s recent crossovers, a potential crossover with the boy genius himself isn’t impossible. Epic Games has shown interest in making this happen and it could be possible if they so choose but fans will have to wait for more information on how soon we’ll see Thanos enter our game- probably not anytime real soon though considering all of their other projects going on at once. But there still needs time before anything concrete comes together unfortunately because currently most of these plans don’t seem likely until at least late 2018 or early 2019 when more information can be released by such companies (though we’re hopeful).