a screenshot of skyrim perk codes gameplay

Skyrim Perk Codes and Commands For PC

a screenshot of skyrim perk codes gameplay

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a role-playing video game that was first made available in 2011. The goal of the game is to defeat Alduin, a dragon that has brought chaos to the world and the player must stop him from destroying all life. It was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

One of the best ways to play Skyrim is by using console commands and Skyrim perk codes in order to get certain skills or items that you might like. These codes can make the game more interesting, add new weapons, add new spells, or even give yourself infinite gold. 

To make it easy for everyone, we’ve compiled a list of every perk code and command in the PC version so you’ll never have to worry about getting them again.

Learn About Skyrim Console Command

a gameplay shot of skyrim perk codes

The console is where you can get to some fun commands in Skyrim. To enter the menu, press  ’tilde’. You can find the key right over from TAB which should be labeled as `~`.  This will bring up your console menu where you can issue some basic and more complex instructions that affect how the game behaves itself without having to start any menus.

Console commands can be confusing, but they’re really not that hard to use! Let’s take the setrace command for example. Typing “setplayerrace” without any spaces will let you change your character’s race.

For example, setplayerrace (argonianrace) changes the race of your character to Argonian. Brackets are only used in this table to help clarify when there is more than one ID needed for a command. You don’t need them if you’re entering your own character information into Skyrim. 

Ready to start a new adventure? Skyrim’s console command menu has everything you need, from toggle God mode and immortality to control trees. But before that we have clarified the 6 six types of console commands which help you in understanding the purpose for each of them

  • Target – To know about the effects of your character’s actions or items are. Type ‘player.’ before using that console command.
  • Toggle – The advanced settings are incredibly useful for those who want to customize their experience. You can turn on and off various states, which is great if you only need certain features but don’t necessarily care about all of them at once!
  • Quest – Some of the more interesting commands are those which alter quests and stage progression
  • Player – Specific type of effects that apply to the player only
  • Weather – To control the weather of the game throughout playtime 
  • System – To enter commands on administrator and system level


help(keyword) The console commands that are available depend on what you’re looking for. If your keyword is “sword,” this list will help show all of the different functions related to swords, including their values and ids.
tcl You can actually fly and phase through walls with this power-granted command.
tgm When activated, God Mode grants you invincibility and infinite carry weight.
tcai Toggles AI combat behaviour for an easy life. No more being attacked. 
setunconscious (0/1) Determines whether your target is awake or unconscious.
lock(0-100) Locks the current target and allows you to choose a number from 0-100 to determine lock difficulty. If you enter anything higher than 100, it will permanently locked from using these console commands
addperk (perk id) Gives your target the specified perk which is determined by perks IDs. 

The same thing can be done for adding, removing, dropping perks and spells by adding the specific ‘word’ with the ID. 

completequest (quest id) Completes the specified quest (determined by quest ID) to unlock a new reward for your account.

Adding Skyrim Perk Codes to the Characters

Perks are an essential part of the game. These commands let you customize your character and make them more powerful than before! Use ‘player. addperk’ if you want to add any perks that may be available in-game. For instance, the command “addperk 000BE125”, will add the Apprentice locks to your current target. In contrast, the command “player.addperk 000BE125” adds perks like Apprentice Locks on your current character (instead of adding them for another one). 

Here are some of the amazing skyrim perk codes which allow you add flair to your character:

Perk Code

Added Skill
000C44BC Conjuration
000C44C0 Destruction
000C44C4 Illusion
000C3680 Lockpicking
000C44C8 Restoration
000CB414 Smithing
000BE123 Light Armor
00079376 Light Armor
00079389 Light Armor
00079391 Light Armor
00079392 Light Armor
000BE127 Alchemy
000BE127 Alchemy
000C07CA Alchemy
000C07CB Alchemy
000C07CC Alchemy
000C07CD Alchemy
00058F75 Speech
000153CD Alteration
000581E1 Illusion
000F2CAA Novice Restoration
000C44C7 Apprentice Restoration
000C44C8 Adept Restoration
000C44C9 Expert Restoration
000C44CA Master Restoration
000153D1 Restoration Dual Casting
000581F8 Regeneration
000581F9 Respite
000581F4 Recovery Rank 1
000581F5 Recovery Rank 2
000A3F64 Avoid Death
000581E4 Necromage
00068BCC Ward Absorb

Zeroes at the beginning of a perk code don’t have to be included since they’re used for determining which add-on you’ve installed. However, when expansions and extra content are added on top, these might vary in new items or perks that get added too.

It seems like Elder Scroll 6 may never come out, but you can keep yourself occupied with these codes. They are specially picked so that they will allow the players to peruse every part of their game in depth and see just how far they can push themselves.

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