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The Best Squid Game Fortnite Map Codes

Bored of the same old battle royale? Try playing at the best Squid Game Fortnite map codes! This Squid Game experience will give you a whole new look on Fortnite, perfect for those of you looking for more challenge to tackle.

Whether you’re looking for Red Light – Green Light or the deadly Tug of War, you should give these fun modes a try. Afterall, Fortnite is a game of creativity, innovation and imagination.

One way to engage in this mindset while playing Fortnite Creative is by using different minigames inspired by the popular Netflix series Squid Game – these are just six ways you can make your experience more fun!

6. larionplay’s Squid Game (3228-0058-5700), Red Light Green Light Squid Game Fortnite Map Code

squid game fortnite map codes
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One of the most addictive and creative mini games on this list is Larionplay’s Red Light Green Light. The mechanics are different from some other mini-game codes we’ve seen, making it an interesting addition here. Instead of just walking forward, this time you’ll be hopping over items as well. This is a great way to take on the challenge solo! If you don’t want to go through the trouble of matchmaking or squadding up, this is one way to get a squid fix.

5. overpowered2019’s Squid Game (0652-7985-6622)

There is a lot of variety in this Creative island, with three different games for players to choose from such as Tug of War, Red Light Green Light, and Glass Stepping. Unfortunately it doesn’t include any battle royale style activities or even some more popular modes that are seen on many other mini games. For small parties, this may be fun, but we’d suggest looking further down the list for a more true-to-form concept in matchmaking.

4. enderbite’s Squid Game (4676-6349-2419)

It’s time to play the squid game! This version by enderbite features versions of Red Light Green Light, Marbles and Glass Stepping. You may not have quite as many games but they do offer an interesting concept that allows players to be staff if they want too. Want to shoot those pesky Red Light failures? Now’s your chance!

3. SYPHER’s Squid Games (7268-0342-8131)

This Squid Game Fortnite map codes also isn’t quite as deep as the very top pick on our list, but it does feature a faithful recreation of Red Light Green Light followed by an intense fight to death reminiscent of Squid Game. This seems like fun for friends if matchmaking is not functional with other codes in this selection.

2. Vysena’s Octo Game (1898-3233-1949), Multiple Gameplay Squid Game Fortnite Map Codes

This map from Vysena is a very complete version of Squid Game, featuring unique takes on Red Light Green Light. It also has some old favorites like Honeycomb and Lights Out! With Tug of War included in there too for good measure I reckon you’ll be able to play all your favorite Squid games with this beauty at any time without getting bored.

The last two spots on our list are equally awesome, so try both codes to see which matchmaking situation works best for you. The biggest difference in interpretation here is Honeycomb- it involves a short parkour challenge instead of shooting guns and also finds ways to turn button mashing into Tug of War.

1. PWR’s Squad Game (8443-5747-3271), Best Fortnite Squid Game Map Codes

This Squid Game Fortnite game code from team PWR is probably the most popular in Fortnite Creative at publication, which means you can queue even if your full squad isn’t there. It’s designed for large groups and features intricately done Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb, Tug of War, Marbles, Glass Stepping or Squid game. This version of the game diverges from its original quite significantly, except more shooting in Tug of War than one might expect. Right now this is Squid Game code to beat.