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Street Fighter Twitch: New Champion Reveal Stream

The excitement for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s fall update is reaching new heights as we finally get a full breakdown of this season’s final roster addition, Luke. The stream will be hosted by Capcom and give fans their first look at what they can expect from the incoming content in Street Fighter Twitch reveal stream!

Who is Luke?

street fighter twitch luke
Source: CAPCOM

“One day, when I’m a man like him!” – That’s what the little boy said. His first line of dialogue may indicate just what exactly his story arc will be about: helping others and becoming strong enough to take on any challenge that comes into view!

Between that line, his role as an MMA fighter and other comments about how he won’t lose to anyone. It is clear that this man wishes for improvement in both himself and fighting abilities so much like the idolized figure of Ryu’s story arc.

While there are many similarities between the two characters, it’s worth noting that their arcs have very different goals. Whereas Ryu sought to surpass his own limitations for self-improvement and prideful reasons like wanting others to perceive him as powerful or capable; Luke seems more intent on becoming stronger than anyone else in order to prove himself against them (and maybe even Take Down The God).

Street Fighter Twitch Reveal Date

Ever since his debut in late August, there’s been a lot of talk about Luke. He looks like one mean fighter and has an extensive ink-covered body to match his tough demeanor! 

His tattoos seem very particular: while some might say he has no imagination whatsoever with all those stars plastered across him from head to toe; we see things differently – after seeing what other fighters have done over time (and before), these markings really speak for themselves as proof that this man knows how get down when fighting matters most.

On November 23 at 15:00 PT / 18:00 ET, Luke will be releasing his gameplay showcase. This event kicks off season five for Street Fighter V and it’s almost time to say goodbye! 

If you are interested to watch Street Fighter Twitch new champion reveal, simply head over to the official Capcom Twitch channel!