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World War Z Aftermath: All You Need to Know

World War Z Aftermath is the ultimate co-op zombie shooter game for up to four players, inspired by the epic blockbuster zombie film called World War Z. With over 15 million copies sold worldwide so far, it has captivated audiences everywhere! It will turn battlefronts against a zombie horde with crossplay enabled on console/PC to give you the epitome experience. 

Welcome to the future of survival horror, where you can play with friends or go solo against a swarm of zombies in any location around the world. Take back Vatican City and survive alongside survivors on Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula. 

Where to Play World War Z Aftermath? 

world war z aftermath
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In World War Z: Aftermath, you can play as either a human or zombie in this action-packed post-apocalyptic third-person shooter. Play through the entire campaign from beginning to end with 4K graphics at 60 frames per second on PlayStation®4 Pro and Xbox One X for high powered gaming sessions!

Initial release date

September 21, 2021


Saber Interactive


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


Action-adventure game, Third-person shooter

New Stories From a World at War

The battle against the undead has begun. Explore Rome, Vatican City and Kamchatka in this all-new story episode where you can play as both new and returning characters. Beware the walking dead as they rise up and attempt to gut unwary victims with their jaws full of sharp teeth or claws unsheathed from dripping gore  — but don’t worry; there are ways around them.

The Next Generation of the Zombie Swarm

Grab your gear and get ready for a big fight. This time, you won’t be able to run out of bullets in seconds or have any second thoughts about what the zombies are doing because they’ll just keep coming until their brains turn into soup. Play in glorious 4K60 fps on next-generation systems where your skills are put up against an all-out onslaught from droves upon hordes pouring forth at once across these vast maps filled not only with death but glory as well.

Deep Progression and a New Perspective

World War Z Aftermath’s immersive new First-Person Mode option will give you a heart-pounding, action-packed experience. Customize your weapons and face off against challenges with special modifiers for bonus rewards in this mode. 

The Continuous Swarm of Zombies in World War Z Aftermath

world war z aftermath
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The proprietary Swarm Engine™ by Saber Interactive seamlessly renders hundreds of zombies on-screen in incredible fights, creating a terrifying atmosphere to the whole game. As if hordes of zombies weren’t enough, in this game you’ll have to fight them all on top of each other. These swarming creatures can crowd into tight spaces and even climb up toward higher levels where players are located! They’re not very smart though – just like any real crowds would behave. 

8 Unique Classes of World War Z Aftermath

There are 8 different classes to provide a diverse play for the users that are Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer, Exterminator, Dronemaster and newly launched Vanguard. The new class, like the CoD Vanguard, is not only going to help players survive but also make any zombies they come across less dangerous. The weapon in this character’s arsenal – an electric shield that can blast holes through waves of the undead.