Meta Releases New Reels Features

Meta has released new features for Reels on both Instagram on Facebook in response to TikTok’s new features. Today we’re going to check out what’s available to users!


The biggest update announced by Meta is the Sound Sync feature on Facebook Reels. The other major update is support for longer Instagram Reels, up to 90 seconds! Clearly a massive increase from the previous cap of 60 seconds, which was beginning to feel short. Reels ads now have a maximum running length of 60 seconds.

This is clearly a response to TikTok, which is now offering videos up to 10 minutes long! Instagram and Facebook have a lot of catching up to do!

New Features and More!

Reels on Instagram have a refreshed sound collection, and even allows users to directly upload their own audio files!

Source: Meta

Creators can now import sounds from any video in their camera gallery and can use the audio online! Another major new update is the fact that features that were only available to Instagram Stories are now available for Reels!

Creators can now use polls, quizzes and emoji sliders as new features for Reels! Ultimately, this gives creators a chance to enhance their interactivity with their followers, and make things more interesting.

However, you may be wondering how this really makes Reels that much different from Stories? Meta’s updates to Facebook and Instagram Reels are blurring the lines between Reels and Stories, that may one day make one of them redundant.

Source: Meta

Facebook Reels are getting the option to add voice overs to their videos, along with desktop based video tools! These will allow creators who publish traditional long form videos, to experiment with Reels. This will ultimately be done through Creator Studio, where users can generate Reels from regular videos!

Most importantly, gaming is also being augmented! Game video creators will now be able to generate short-form, vertical Reels. This will be done directly from their Live content, with dual views for both gameplay and the creator cam.


With TikTok leading the way, new features for Reels will always be on the horizon. TikTok is the fastest growing social media app on the market, therefore Meta is always looking to keep one step ahead of the social media giant!

For more updates on Reels, keep watching this space!

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