YouTube Shorts Voiceover: How to Use It

In order to knock off TikTok in terms of popularity, YouTube Short comes back with another feature to spoil its users. It’s YouTube Shorts Voiceover Narration, a feature that allows users to add commentary on top of a recorded video in a couple of taps.

Additionally, this feature has been already well-known and has often been used on TikTok for a long time ago. So YouTube try to copy the idea by introducing a similar feature to help users can get done the video easier. Let’s have more knowledge about how it works here.

What is YouTube Shorts Voiceover Feature?

What is YouTube Shorts Voiceover Feature
Source: YouTube

As the name suggests, this new feature of YouTube Shorts can assist you to add voiceover to your existing videos instantly. Your tutorial clips, holiday vlog, or a “get ready with me”-type of video will be so much easier to create using this feature.

No more time-consuming apps to add your own sound to videos. This new feature will do what you want in seconds. You just need to do some simple steps and voila! The video is ready.

How to Use YouTube Shorts Voiceover Feature

How to Use YouTube Shorts Voiceover Feature
Source: Sada El Balad

Everyone starts to wonder how to add sound to YouTube Shorts. No worries, we have covered a simple guide to using YouTube Shorts’ latest feature. Here’s how.

  1. Start by opening YouTube and tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom side of the screen.
  2. There will pop up three different options. Choose the Create a Short option.
  3. Then, press the red button to record a new video or click the gallery icon next to the recording button to import an existing video.
  4. After that, add any editing features, including effects, filters, and more.
  5. Once you’ve finished, hit the checkmark at the bottom corner.
  6. The post-edit page will appear, then select the voiceover icon to activate.
  7. Next up, move the vertical line on the filmstrip to decide the starting point of the voiceover.
  8. Then, tap the red button and you can start speaking into the phone’s microphone.
  9. Tap the same button to end the audio recording.
  10. Alternatively, you can hold down the record button while speaking and lifting while finished.
  11. After that, adjust the volume level and hit Done when finished.
  12. Hit Next to add captions and hashtags before uploading.

Now, you’re all set. It’s only taking less than a minute, right? Anyway, what if the recording didn’t run as planned? No worries, you can always redo what you have done. Just tap the Undo button to delete the voiceover, and the Redo button to bring it back if you want.


That’s all about the YouTube Shorts Voiceover feature and how to use it. Now it’s your time to give it a shot and showcase your masterpiece to the world. Happy recording! Have a look at our blog for other articles about YouTube Shorts.

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