TikTok Comments Not Loading Fix

Been experiencing issue with TikTok comments not loading? You are not alone.

As well all know, the comment section is by far one of the best aspects of TikTok.

While the videos shared on the popular app are certainly entertaining on occasion, it is the comment section that keeps users coming back for more. TikTok users are surprisingly hilarious in their brief, scathing comments, regularly appearing to elevate a video’s comment section with their witty or shocking quips.

The popularity of TikTok’s comment section causes some concern when only the app’s videos load. TikTok isn’t worth it when the comments don’t appear, so here’s how to fix a comment section glitch.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Loading

Don’t worry if you don’t have any TikTok comments right now. There are several simple fixes for problems with the video-sharing app’s comment sections.

To begin, ensure that the video’s comments are not turned off. While this isn’t a frequently used feature — and was probably the first thing you looked for — users occasionally disable comments, leaving viewers without the option to entertain us with their witty takeaway.

If the video allows comments, there is most likely an issue with the app itself. The simplest solution is to simply exit the app and restart it, hoping that a quick refresh will bring those comments back to life. If this fails, your next option takes things a step further. Try logging out of TikTok completely — and possibly restarting your phone — before logging back in and seeing if the problem has resolved itself.

If all of the above fail, another option is to completely uninstall and reinstall the TikTok app. This should resolve any issues that are not related to the app in general, but it will take longer.

Techzillo offers a final, albeit somewhat complicated, option. The solution proposed by the tech site entails clearing your phone’s storage of its TikTok cache, potentially removing any bugs that may have made their way into your system.

To complete this final step, navigate to your phone’s settings and locate your apps. Navigate to TikTok and then select storage. Then, depending on how much TikTok you use, you’ll want to clear everything out of the cache and data categories.

If none of these solutions work, the problem is almost certainly with TikTok. You can look into our methods for tracking and reporting outages, but for the most part, all you can do is wait. The app’s features, including comments, will be operational in no time.


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