How to get sponsored on Twitch for streaming beginners

Those who stream on Twitch will have a higher chance of making money as their viewership increases. But have you wondered how to get sponsored on Twitch? Do streamers on Twitch earn channel sponsorships if they don’t have a huge following? The good news is that it’s not all that difficult.

Whether being a professional twitch streamer is the best job in the world or not is up for debate but we are sure that it can be profitable. So is there a way to get twitch sponsorship for streaming? Let’s say your stream already looks pretty professional, and you’re doing your best to produce high-quality content. What else should you do? Let’s discuss,

how to get sponsored on Twitch for live streaming
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How to get sponsored on Twitch

Twitch sponsorship is a business relationship between a streamer and a sponsoring organization. So why not  attract and convert leads for brands and their partners? 

Sponsored streaming is any live event on the internet financed by companies that want to associate their image with you. You as a twitch streamer will receive payment from the company in exchange for promoting the company’s product or service on your channel.

This is an easy way to build an audience base and make it a long-term strategy, as consistency and predictable numbers always bring in more sponsors.

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Some of the most prevalent ways to get sponsored on Twitch are as follow:

  1. Affiliate links in the description
  2. Mention products during the stream
  3. Sales banners in videos
  4. Displaying logos
  5. Product giveaways

More tips to get sponsored on Twitch

Set up channel for sponsorships

Set up your channel for sponsorship means marketing yourself to the brands. Here is what it means,

  • Prepare your info section for sponsors. Most streamers just put anything there which is not ideal if you are trying to catch the eye of your sponsors. If a sponsor happens to be looking at your Twitch channel, you need to be able to impress them with the layout and order of your info section. 
  • If you have a professional layout, it will not only guide your followers from one section to another without hassle but will also act as a statement that your channel is your very own brand.
  • Use the best equipment for making your content and be your own promotion agent.

Brand & Sponsor Hunting

A wide variety of businesses are interested in becoming Twitch sponsors. Since most Twitch viewers are gamers/streamers many advertisers may urge streamers to discuss video games, gaming gear, and accessories like chairs and controllers.

However, the content of each Twitch channel is unique. Thus, the things that should be promoted in each will also be varied. So get out there and brainstorm; look at products or services that you use on a daily basis and enjoy. 

Twitch sponsoring brands in the image
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They can be gaming related or simply your toothpaste or your favorite snacks. All brands have a little relevance to the gaming environment if not then find relevance and promote it accordingly.

Small sponsorships can go a long way. If you’re a new streamer and do not know how to get sponsored on Twitch but have a lot of potential, you can get sponsored. Small brands and sponsorships can provide you with the financial backing and resources you need to expand your Twitch channel more rapidly.

Another way to find brands and sponsors is to use sponsorship service like PowerSpike.

Commitment & Consistency

Commitment & consistency is very important whether it is commitment towards your audience or consistency in making great content.

  • Engage your viewers during the stream. Ask questions and respond quickly if they have questions of their own. Show that you care about their thoughts and opinions. Share interesting but accurate information.
  • Use features to enhance interactions. For example, Streamlabs has a chatbot and various widgets that make it easy for you to reward viewers for participating, including assigning loyalty points.
  • Use tools like Eklipse to make your content stand-out. Make highlights from your twitch streams and share them across social media. Promote your content and gain more average viewers.
  • Give additional incentives and make sure your engagement extends beyond your stream. Put some effort into the accounts you have and interact with others on them. Hootsuite, Buffer, and other similar tools can help you manage your accounts, including syncing your posts to get the most engagement.

Final Thoughts

Try these tips and hopefully you will get many sponsorship opportunities. Remember you will not have all of them but wait and work for the right ones. Appreciate the brands that reach out and promote them wholeheartedly.

Hopefully, you now know how to get sponsored on Twitch. Great content, consistency and the right motivation to make your audience want to participate. Keep these few things in mind and you are good to go. Happy Streaming!

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