Learn How to Make a YouTube Intro with Eklipse

In this article, we will guide you about making a YouTube Intro with Eklipse. Imagine you want to engage a room full of party people how would you do it? You have to do something quick and show-stopping.

It’s similar to when you want to attract viewers, the first few seconds of your video are very crucial. Let us guide you on how to make the best intro for your YouTube channel, especially by utilizing Eklipse as your tool to save your time from the long process.

How to make a youtube intro
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How to make a YouTube Intro

Streaming is one of the most popular topics on YouTube. There are many pro gamers and streaming beginners on YouTube who post their content regularly to gain viewers. It is not only important to attract subscribers, but also to make them stay once they click on the video. 

One way to do this is by uploading original and entertaining content. This may come as a surprise, but your introduction can also affect viewer engagement. An intro represents everything your channel is about and reminds your subscribers why they like your content.

Before going into the in-depth tutorial, let’s see what are a few necessary elements for a good YouTube intro. These are a few to list:

  • Contain key information about you and your channel.
  • Engage/Attract the audience
  • Short but original

If the first few seconds of your video make a good impression on the people, they will surely want to see the whole video and even the rest of your content. Other than the above mentioned, an attractive intro includes graphic and visual elements that will captivate your audience.

Add your logo, your slogan, or a signature tune. The text/font type used, any staple transition, or even the color of your background can become a part of your brand identity. Next is use of a good script, optimizing the keywords you are using in the intro, make sure the quality of the intro aligns with the rest of your content.

How to make a YouTube Intro with Eklipse

YouTube intros serve more than one purpose. They make sure that a viewer who has come across your video for the first time has an idea of ​​what your channel is about and what you are like as a YouTuber. Your introduction should be designed to make a good first impression.

You can use many tools and software to make these intros automatically and add your personal flair to it with some editing techniques. One such tool you can use is Eklipse. Let’s tell you how you can make a YouTube intro with Eklipse.

Eklipse.gg dashboard
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Make a YouTube Intro with Eklipse Highlights

Do you know that you can utilize Eklipse to create a stunning YouTube intro?

Of course, you can! Eklipse is an AI tool that makes automatic highlights from your streams. Using Eklipse will save you time for the tedious process of cutting and choosing the best highlights for your intro.

All you need to do is just connect your YouTube account to Eklipse, then the AI from the app will do all the hard work for you. To start collecting your awesome highlights from your stream on Eklipse, you can follow our guide below

  1. Go to Eklipse.gg on your browser, register an account

  2. Click Profile icon, choose ACCOUNT SETTINGS

  3. Choose SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT menu on your account

  4. Click the CONNECT button on the YouTube menu

  5. Choose your Google Account, then click ALLOW

  6. Eklipse will show you a success message, click GOT IT! to continue

  7. Now you can choose your stream to convert it into a clip

After finished connecting your YouTube account to Eklipse, then the app will load up your streams and making highlights automatically. To fulfill your purpose to create an intro, you can choose your best highlight that is created automatically by Eklipse, then edit it into a beautiful and short intro.

Make YouTube intro with Eklipse Weekly Showcase

Eklipse gives you a Weekly Showcase to show off your gameplay every Monday. A showcase is a video montage that features all your weekly best moments from your weekly streaming sessions. You can take this showcase edit it and make a sick intro for your YouTube channel.

Eklipse offers you amazing built-in editing options with its unique streaming-specific templates, background music, stickers, and more. A great intro is just a few clicks away from you. Try Eklipse now!


This is all we have for you to make a YouTube intro with Eklipse but in case you want to try another way. Check out this other article about making a YouTube intro. Happy Streaming!

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