Learn How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2022

As becoming a streamer has become a common thing and a main job for many people, no wonder all of you want to learn how to start a YouTube gaming channel to be a famous YouTuber. Well, it’ll takes a lot of preparation to start your career as a gaming YouTuber. You cannot just start it without any plans and proper equipment.

There are some basic tips you need to do if you really want to be a successful YouTuber who gets millions of subscribers and viewers like PewDiePie, Ninja, or any famous game streamer. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel: Find Your Niche

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Before you really start recording your game activity or edit and publish it to your channel, you need to choose what niche suits you. There are several kinds of niches that you may choose from.


One of the popular categories is the walkthrough. It is more like a guide that is perfect for those who want to learn something in-game, such as how to be a winner, how to unlock some achievements, etc. If you think you are an in-game expert, just choose this niche as your first step.


If you can give a comprehensive explanation about something in any aspect, maybe you can categorize yourself as a reliable reviewer. The viewers who want to know about a new game, the gameplay, graphics, dynamic, and everything about that game become the target of this niche. You may take action every time you find there’s a new game release and go from there. 


Want to entertain your viewers without any amazing gaming skills? This will probably be your best niche. All you need to do is just make your content as funny as you can by editing some clips of a game or simply just playing it on and adding memes to it. We would suggest to play open-world games such as GTA, Skyrim, or Minecraft.

Let’s Plays

Introduced by the most popular game-YouTuber, PewDiePie “Let’s Play [name of game]” this becomes one of the best niches you can probably choose. If you are into this niche, then you need to have a charismatic personality first.

Breaking Records

If you think that you are the best in speed games and could have made the best records in this game, you really need to put yourself in this niche. It will attract many viewers who would like to see the best of the best gamers breaking the record. 


If your goal is to make it in a fast-growing industry in terms of the gaming, you may try this. You have to involve the professional gamers to compete for an audience of spectators.


This may be the niche that needs the simplest effort to do. This is perfect for you who just enjoys and loves recording your gaming activity, and show it to the world that you play this or that.

2. Prepare Your Tools to Start Your YouTube Gaming Channel

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The second step if you want to know how to start Youtube gaming channel is preparing the gears and tools. Take a look at the following tools you need to have.

Gaming Platform

Prepare what kind of platform you want to use to play the game. Either a PC or a console such as PS5, Nintendo, Xbox, or anything. If you decide to play the game using your PC, means that you do not need any additional streaming software. Meanwhile, when you are using consoles, you will need additional hardware and software.

Streaming Equipment

To record your gaming activity, you need a camera. Just choose the device that can record in a proper graphic, at least in 1080p. If you want to make better quality of your recordings, you can add webcam software like YouCam. Looking for other streaming cameras or Go Pro for streaming? Head to our blog and find the article that discuss about it.

Do not forget the essential tools like a microphone and headphones, to produce clear audio for your viewers. Take a look at our previous article about the list of the best microphone and headphones for streaming

Capture Device and Software

To give your audience high-definition visuals, you need a professional video capture software and device or just use the online stream-recorder. Other than that, you will also need a tool to clip the best highlight from your streaming video. Later, you can share those incredible clips to other social media to increase engagement and attract more viewers. One of the best clipping software is Eklipse

Eklipse is an AI clip maker that will help you automatically capture the best moment of your streaming video in a flick. Additionally, Eklipse offers a number of useful tools such as TikTok/reel converter, manual trim-clip, and much copyright-free music for your soundtrack. Try this tool now and let it impress you.

3. Plan Your Channel and Video

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After preparing the niche and tools you need, you have to plan your channel first. Choose a cool name for it. The name does not have to be serious, but it can be funny. But make sure it is easy to remember for your subscribers. Make it as creative as possible.

For the video, make sure you have edited it perfectly through MainGames.com. Before you upload it into your channel, choose the high-definition and the best image for the thumbnail. It should be attracting people. Remember to write a proper and detailed description.

4. Last Step to Start YouTube Gaming Channel: Build Your Community

The most important thing that supports your development in your YouTube career is building the community. This is the way to make branding about your name and your reputation. Once people know you, it will be easier to run everything really well.

Do not worry, you will not find it hard to build your community, because MainGames.com will definitely assist you 100%. If you use this service, they will integrate your channel in Facebook Gaming, JalanTikus online media, and YouTube in the campaign. Besides, you can show off yourself by joining many tournaments or events held by MainGames.com. 

5. Quick Tips to Be a Famous YouTuber

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Those four aforementioned steps are more like technical things that you need to prepare to grow a YouTube channel. But the most important thing is preparing yourself to be a famous streamer.

A streamer wanna-be should have a strong mentality, not easily give up, and remain consistent, persistent, and focused on their goals.

Furthermore, you need to be a streamer who can connect with fans, viewers, and subscribers no matter how it takes. The stronger the relationship between you and your fans, the bigger their support for you. And this can affect your success to become a YouTube streamer.

6. Upload Highlights or VOD from Your Stream

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If live streams are enough, then why are streamers required to have VoD? The answer is simple. With VoD, you can attract more viewers!

You want viewers to follow you right away when they open your page for the first time. Out of countless footage or videos, which one should they watch first?

Surely, you want them to click on the most interesting video, right? This is what VoD is for.

A VoD can be a compilation of highlights of your game that you feel is the best. For example, if you play an FPS game, you can display a collection of footage of yourself slaughtering the enemy team.

Thus, viewers will immediately be amazed by your skills and will not hesitate to follow you!

Nowadays, making a VoD is easier than ever thanks to Eklipse. Eklipse is an AI that is able to capture your gaming highlights automatically. This means that you can keep playing and let Eklipse do all the work for you.

There’s also a feature called Eklipse Studio that allows you to select highlights you’d like to compile into a video. In addition, you could utilize the various tools in the studio to make your VoD more attractive.


That’s all about how to start YouTube Gaming channel. Getting ready to be a professional game-streamer on YouTube is not easy though. You will also face the rocky road in front of you. But if you have a strong will to do that, add in the consistency and persistency, then you will make it someday. Do not give up easily and good luck!


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