Eklipse Weekly Showcase 2.0 is here

On high demand we released the Weekly Showcase Feature back in the end days of June. It was very well-received by you guys. At same time, we faced bugs and issues that we have been trying to improve ever since. We took into account all your feedback and requests in the past few months and worked tirelessly to satisfy your needs. So it is with utmost pleasure we announce that Eklipse Weekly Showcase 2.0 is here! Up and Running~

Eklipse Weekly Showcase 2.0
Source: Eklipse

Why Eklipse Weekly Showcase 2.0?

Eklipse weekly showcase 2.0 is basically an improved and enhanced version of our very beloved showcase feature. During past few months Eklipse community has tried and tested our showcase feature. You guys gave some excellent ideas on improving it and what you like or dislike about it. So here we are with Eklipse Weekly Showcase made better with your requests and ideas.

Eklipse weekly showcase
Source: Eklipse.gg

Weekly Showcase 2.0 Features

Let’s dive into the changes and enhancements:

Pin the Clip

You can now mark your highlight clips. This means that you can customize the clips you want for your own showcase compilation by “pinning” them! Find the pin collection in the Stream section in left hand menu on the homepage.

Manual Music Selection

Eklipse Weekly Showcase 2.0 allows you to have complete creative control to make your clips feel more yours! Choose your own music from the available list and toggle it on/off depending on your likeness.

Showcase Duration

You can now select a duration for your clip compilation. Make it 2min or 1min long, it is totally up to you. Set the duration of your choice and let Eklipse do the rest.

Channel Name Display

An option to place your channel name is now available. You can select a location and place it in which ever corner you prefer. Top-right, bottom-left or center. We will find your default channel names from your accounts connected with Eklipse.

More Clip Sharing

Remember our API restriction where you can only post 1 clip per day? We have upscaled this just for you. You can now share 3 clips per day, for every platform. Now that’s what we call a real enhancement!

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Lastly, we want to appreciate you guys for being such an incredible, helpful, and positive community. We would not have made it this far without your encouragement, enthusiasm, and ideas. Please try this new feature and give us your feedback so we can keep improving further and further. Happy Streaming!

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