How to create a viral tiktok video in 2022

We brought this guide for you to learn how to create a viral tiktok video in 2022. Tiktok as a social network has became more and more powerful over the years. Many content creators are using it for their brand publicity because they can gain a loyal following in comparatively less time. 

Therefore, tiktok is the only social platform with largest audience and most readily available short form video content. So let us teach you how to create a viral tiktok video for marketing your very own brand and increasing your following.

image shows some viral tiktok videos for how to make a viral tiktok video
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Tips to make a viral video on tiktok

Here are a few general tips to create a viral tiktok video in 2022:

Find your niche

You need a certain level of commitment that will make consumers and users associate with your channel. The only way to organically achieve that is to carve out your niche and expand on it. If you are good at something, make it known.

Keep up with trends

Tiktok is today’s platform, hip and trendy. You will always come across some on- going trends or challenges while scrolling on tiktok. Keep a look out for trends in your area of interest and use those trends as your promotional queues. Try different trends but if a trend feels irrelevant let it pass. You don’t have to follow/do all of them. Trust us!

Be creative

Use relevant hashtags, good story telling or add an element of surprise in your content to make it stand-out. Simultaneously, humor and FOMO are also great creative tools. Let the followers come to you because you create relevant content with a consistent output.


Just like any other platform tiktok too have some rules about posting times. Look up certain times that are good for making a post go viral particularly for your own region. Post on these times and let the algorithm help you out. It will push your posts and promote them on its own.

Use editing tools

Although, there are many things you can miss out on while shooting a video. It is not a problem! Use your editing magic to make your videos go viral. Try the tiktok editing effects or some editing tool of your choice. There is something out there for everyone.

How to create a viral tiktok video using Eklipse

Since we promote and support new streamers/gamers through their streaming journey. Let us talk about promoting a streaming channel through tiktok. How can you as a new streamer create a viral tiktok video? The simple answer is by using Eklipse!

As a streaming beginner, Eklipse is undoubtedly your one stop solution for everything you need to create a kick-ass tiktok video. Take a chance and go viral today. Use Eklipse to make viral tiktok content from your streams. Here are some general tips to create a viral tiktok video:

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Learn how Eklipse works:

    We will not bore you with longer explanations, just follow these simple steps to get started with Eklipse,
    – Connect your account
    – Load your stream
    – Wait for Eklipse to make highlights from your stream
    Share you clips on your Tiktok channel to go viral

    how to use Eklipse

  2. Convert to Tiktok

    You can use your Eklipse highlight clips, your twitch/FaceBook clips or any mp4 video URL and convert it to tiktok using Eklipse.

    image shows how to convert to tiktok

  3. Use Eklipse Tiktok Templates

    Templates are a great editing effect to make your game-tok more compelling and amazing. Yes! your viral gaming clip needs to be impressive. Eklipse templates are there for your streaming utility. Choose from the available free templates or upcoming premium templates like:
    – Split Face-Cam
    – Blurred Back-groud
    – Circle

    templates to create a viral tiktok video

  4. Try additional Eklipse features

    Additionally, Eklipse has more features to ensure your content stands out from the rest. To make your videos look more professional you can use additional features that Eklipse offer for your tiktok videos,
    – Trim-clip for manual duration setting
    Background music for copyright free tracks and tunes

    These features will definitely allow you the confidence to share your tiktok videos anywhere. Share it until it’s trending!

  5. Share your tiktok video

    You can share your tiktok clips directly on your socials using the easy share option by Eklipse. Try it for yourself!

    how to share your tiktok clip easily

More Eklipse tips & tricks to go viral on tiktok

Share your weekly montage on Tiktok

Eklipse Weekly Showcase is an admirable selection of your gameplay through out the week. You can share your montage to tiktok and show off your gaming skills.

No Watermark

Tiktok clips made by Eklipse are yours to customize however you please. Our clips have no watermark so you can freely use them as your own!

Use your twitch clips for tiktok

Besides all that Eklipse is also the best twitch clipping software out there. Use your twitch clips to go viral on tiktok. Hurry! Get your free clips now.

Best Highlights Clipping Software! is an AI highlight generator and video editor that will automatically create highlights from your streams. Simply click below and try it.


Lastly, we would like to conclude this by saying that no one can surely say that which cocktail of steps will work for you to go viral. However, using Eklipse is definitely the right way to go. While you are at it do check out our blog. Happy Streaming!

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