The Eklipse X-mas Clip Contest is On: Let’s Clip and Win the Prizes!

It’s Christmas time! Do you have any streaming products on your wishlist?

If so, we want to help you upgrade your stream setup without spending a penny! We invite you to celebrate with us as we introduce our Eklipse X-mas Clips Contest!

This exciting competition is open to ALL Eklipse users that will offer you a chance to:

  • Enjoy sharing your best highlights on social media with no editing skills required.
  • Jump on a trend with other Eklipse users and go viral on TikTok and Twitter.
  • Enjoy BIG prizes to level up your stream.

Let us be your Santa this year – join up and have fun!

That’s right! We are giving away a Beacn Mix Create Audio Mixer, an Elgato Facecam, and an original Stream Deck for 3 winners

If you’re ready, keep on reading to learn how to win and other details about the contest!

How to Participate

It’s simple! Follow the steps below to make sure your entry is counted:

  1. Use your personal account & make sure to sign in to Eklipse.
  2. Make a clip using our Convert to TikTok/Shorts/Reels and one of our NEW X-Mas Clips Contest templates.
  3. Follow our TikTok @eklipsegg or Twitter @eklipse_gg.
  4. Use #MadeByEklipse and tag us when you post on TikTok (@eklipsegg) or Twitter (@eklipse_gg).
  5. Log into your Eklipse Dashboard and paste the link to your social media post so we can track submissions. All set, fingers crossed!

Don’t know how to find your shareable URL link from TikTok or Twitter? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You can find shareable URLs from TikTok by doing these steps:

  1. Open the clip you want to share.
  1. Click Copy Link on the right side of your desktop TikTok interface.

Meanwhile on Twitter, you can find shareable URLs by doing these steps:

  1. Find the post with the clip you want to share.
  2. Tap the share icon on the bottom right of your post.
  1. Tap Copy Link.

The first and the second winner will be the 1st and 2nd rank on the leaderboard on the last day of this contest, meanwhile we’ll do lucky draw to pick the third winner. Therefore, we encourage you to post more clips and promote them on social media to increase your chances to win!

You will be able to submit clips between December 9th through the 23rd, so make sure to mark your calendar and start posting clips now! Keep checking the website to see if your name gets added to the updated leaderboard!

Stay tuned and don’t miss this chance to celebrate the holidays with Eklipse!

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