Eklipse Twitch Compilation Maker 2022

We have talked about Eklipse many times over and over. It is an amazing tool to completely transform your streaming experience. But today we are here to highlight the twitch compilation maker offered by Eklipse in 2022. Let us share our not so secret method to make a stunning compilation of your gameplay.

What is Eklipse Twitch Compilation Maker?

If you are a user you might already know about our showcase feature. It is briefly the twitch compilation maker we will be talking about further in this article. Because a little and well-deserved show off never hurts anyone. Right? Our humble feature will help you out with it.

When you will use this feature, you can take your game highlights and turn them into a fully automated compilation of those clips. Simply stream on a regular basis and let Eklipse generate the highlights for your gameplay over the week.

Eklipse twitch compilation maker or weekly showcase
Source: Eklipse.gg

Why make a twitch compilation?

We told you that you can use our twitch compilation maker for an engaging montage of your gameplay but, you may ask why make it in the first place? Well, it will not be a tempting article without explaining the use of a twitch compilation. Here are the reasons:

  • Use the compilation as a simple, cool but stunning Twitch/YouTube intro.
  • Attract your audience to watch not only your recent but past streams too.
  • Promote your favorite content with minimal editing.
  • Make your content more custom and unique to you.
  • Use the compilation with further editing to optimize your content better.
  • Get creative and use multiple compilations to grow your channel.

Hope these are reasons enough to convince you to make a twitch compilation for you channel. Since Twitch has everything gaming/streaming about it, using our compilation maker will make sure that you are always on top of your twitch game. Eklipse just makes it hassle free for you.

Source: Eklipse.gg

To make a compilation otherwise you will have to load clips that you like to an editor, edit them, add music, trim the video and much more. Those are just too many steps to take before you can go and post your gameplay. Eklipse automizes the process for you and brings it down to just a few clicks and you can post your compilations directly to your socials.


We will soon add more information to this article. Until then you can check out this article containing more information about our weekly showcase/Twitch compilation maker. Stay tuned to our blog for more Eklipse related updates and try it yourself now!

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