TwitchCon San Diego 2022 with Eklipse

Let’s go to TwitchCon San Diego 2022 with Eklipse and learn what we’d be doing there. Before we jump in to details we should talk a little bit about the event itself. Check out this detailed post about TwitchCon 2022 to set your expectations accordingly.

TwitchCon San Diego 2022
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TwitchCon San Diego 2022 schedule

Twitch revealed the full schedule of panels, events, and more for TwitchCon back in August. The event schedule looks something like this. It will all begin on October 7th with Artist Alley which is an open marketplace where creators who illustrate, sculpt, sew, and more can showcase their crafts and designs. Fans can shop and meet their faves. It will be followed by a Charity speed-run in Super Mario Maker 2.

There would be Community Panels and Creator Camp which are great for those who are new to streaming. You can get all kinds of tips to grow your channel and decide if streaming is a hobby for you or a career. You can join the Networking and Interactive sessions to find yourself among more of the people you love watching.

The Glitch Theatre is definitely the highlight of the con. It packs the opening and closing ceremony along with Drag Showcase and Cosplay contest. Last would be the Twitch events which include Twitch Deep Dive, Music and of course, Twitch Rivals. It’s going to be huge and so much fun!

Find Eklipse at TwitchCon San Diego 2022

Well, we are really excited to announce that Eklipse team will be at TwitchCon San Deigo 2022. Eklipse is exhibiting for all three days of TwitchCon from 7th-9th October. We feel thrilled for you to say hi because accompanying us would be mshoney420 (Felicia) and kilo019 (Edison). Our location at TwitchCon 2022 would be at the front entrance where you can find Jason (MNKO_Obi) at our booth (1703).

Come and sign up with Eklipse to get our very special free lanyards. We will also be hosting a giveaway of sorts. It is a point collection game in association with for you guy to win easy money. All you have to do is to refer 3 friends to sign up to Eklipse. Send a SS of proof to our discord server and voila! Earn those points, win an easy 200$ and repeat! Good luck!

Eklipse at TwitchCon 2022

TwitchCon San Deigo Tickets

Although, the three day party tickets are sold out you can still buy the simple 3-Day ticket and tickets for an individual day. Check the info-graphic below for details and pricing. Just sign in to your twitch account and follow the steps to buy your ticket now. Go buy them before they are sold out too!

TwitchCon 2022 ticket pricing
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This is all the information we have for the upcoming event. We will keep you posted in case of any changes or future updates. TwitchCon has mandated wearing a mask inside the premises as a health precaution. You will also require to show a negative Covid test and a proof of vaccination as an attendee. So get your masks and bags ready and let’s go party! Stay safe and happy streaming people!

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