ALGS year 3 Championship: The Start Date, Schedule, and Prize

Attention to all Apex Legends Pro Players! The ALGS Year 3 is finally coming closer! Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) is one of the biggest tournament series for Apex Legends players on PC or console gaming such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Finally, ALGS has just announced the details of the event, including the start date, and schedule, and the most important thing is the total gift. Let’s find them out.

ALGS Year 3 Start Date


The first thing to take note is the Apex Legends Global Series Year 3 start date. Technically, before ALGS year 3 really begins, there will be a Preseason Qualifiers on October 8, 2022. This session is held to determine the top eight out of 22 squads that are qualified for ALGS Pro League in all of its regions.

Additionally, the Preseason Qualifiers will be held on four consecutive weekends. Throughout this session, there will be four winners from each weekend that will continue the journey to Pro League. Meanwhile for other four teams that don’t win the Preseason Qualifier based on cumulative points are going to grab the final four Pro League spots.

Then, after Split One of the Pro League, the ALGS year 3 will officially start. To be exact, it begins on November 6, 2022.

ALGS Schedule 2022

ALGS Schedule 2022
Source: Liquipedia

The Pro League session provides six series of competitions, each consisting of six games. At the end of the six series, there will be a regional final session for the top 20 Pro League teams. Then, the qualified players will proceed to the next stage, which is the LAN event scheduled for early 2023.

After the Split One playoffs, ALGS still have the second split of Pro League that will run from March until April 2023. Then, the event is followed by Split Two playoffs that are going to take place in spring 2023, the Last Qualifier on June 2023, and finally, the ALGS Championship that begins in summer 2023.

ALGS Year 3 Eligibility Requirements and Prize

If you want to partake in this big e-sport competition, you have to meet some requirements. To be eligible to join ALGS year 3, at least you must reach Silver IV for minimum rank. You can achieve this rank by playing the Apex Legends Ranked Leagues mode.

Additionally, the winner of ALGS year 3 will be granted USD 5,000,000 for the prize money. Yes, you are not misreading. The prize is indeed that much. So, if you really want to get that money in your pocket, please give your maximum effort to beat every enemy.


So, that’s everything you need to know regarding the ALGS year 3 that is nearly here. Are you daring enough to compete with other players? Have you prepared yourself well to be an outstanding player? Then, just register now and good luck!

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