apex legends update 1.99 patch notes
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Apex Legends Update 1.99 Patch Notes And Its Details

Apex Legends update 1.99 patch notes has yet to be released by Respawn, in response to a handful of issues and bugs. This time, the 1.99 patch notes is smaller than the previous one. However, the latest patch notes will bring some changes to the game.

It might not be as big as Apex Legends patch notes 1.98 with its Awakening Collection Event. But still, there will be exciting things, including changes for Lifeline’s Town Takeover. If you want to know about it, keep on watching.

Apex Legends Update 1.99 Patch Notes Easter Eggs

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Respawn has made several changes toward one of the best Apex Legends characters, Lifeline. In Lifeline’s Clinic, the players can now play the drum set, guitars, and more around the building. These interactive objects hint at Lifeline’s former occupation as a punk band drummer.

Apart from that, Respawn has not officially launched the patch notes for Apex Legends season 13. But fortunately, a reliable source called Kralindo has figured out some changes and mentioned them on Twitter. The changes include bug fixes in Newcastle’s tactical ability, Replicator, and 500 Apex Coins will be available in the store.

Apex Legends Update 1.99 Patch Notes
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However, there’s still no confirmation from Respawn regarding this stuff. On another side, they claim that they’re now still investigating other issues, including why Loba’s tactical ability ain’t working on Stormpoint, the Wraith’s hit-reg, and most importantly, the input lag.

Another resource from Reddit user, O2UK8120, stated that the dev team may have not fixed the input lag just yet since many Xbox players still experiencing this issue. In addition to that, many players seem hesitant that Apex Legends version 1.99 will be able to cover up all of the issues. This is because the team has never posted small patch notes like this before.


Though it’s a small patch, many players still put big expectations in Apex Legends update 1.99 patch notes. A user has been trying to reveal the new changes they’ve managed to see. Hopefully, confirmation will come soon and Respawn can deal with the issues and improve the game to be so much better.