Apex Legends x Monster Energy: How to Claim the Rewards

After treating players with Vantage as a new incredible legend, Apex Legends x Monster Energy has come to be another surprise in this season 14. That sounds enticing, isn’t it?

Well, in this collaboration with Monster Energy, Respawn offers several rewards for those who can claim them. Basically, Respawn is more focused on transforming the Pathfinder, one of the Apex Legends’ characters.

Pathfinder will get a Monster Energy-themed skin, along with the tracker set. If you want to know further about the rewards and how to claim them, check out the rest of the article.

Monster Energy Apex Legends Rewards

Monster Energy Apex Legends Rewards
Source: Travel Daily Path Mail

In order to earn all the exclusive rewards, you’ll need to submit 10 Monster cans. However, every can you submit will also be granted a certain reward. Here’s the detail.

  • 1 can – Rare Pathfinder skin
  • 2 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 3 cans – Pathfinder tracker set and Battle Pass level
  • 4 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 5 cans – Rampart tracker set and Battle Pass level
  • 6 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 7 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 8 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 9 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 10 cans – Battle Pass level

How to Claim Apex Legends X Monster Energy Reward

Apex Legends x Monster Energy
Source: Reddit

In addition, to collect the monster cans, you’re required to do these steps to claim all the rewards. Here’s how.

  • Start over by heading to the campaign website.
  • Then, sign in and log in to the website.
  • Once you’ve logged in, complete the online form.
  • Submit an image of your receipt to confirm the Monster cans you’ve purchased.
  • Keep doing the last step every day to collect the can.

It’s worth noting that you can only earn 10 cans and rewards for maximum earning. After collecting the 10 cans, Respawn will apply the rewards to your account.


That’s all the apex legends x monster Energy rewards and how to claim them. Please take note that the promotion of Apex Monster packs will be only available for three months, from September until December 2022, or until stock lasts. Therefore, you need to move faster and grab them asap before they run out. Good luck!

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