Call of Duty Vanguard ACOG Optic: What Does That Mean?

In our previous article, we covered some latest updates in Call of Duty Vanguard Season. An interesting thing to be found in the new firearm, BP50. It’s not too difficult to unlock this weapon though. You only need to secure eliminations with ACOG Optic. Unfortunately, many players don’t understand Call of Duty Vanguard ACOG optic.

That’s why this article exists: to explain what counts as an ACOG optic and the steps to unlock the new BP50 weapon. Just keep reading.

What is ACOG Optic in Vanguard Call of Duty?

Call of Duty Vanguard ACOG Optic
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ACOG Optic Vanguard is a strange thing in Call of Duty because the game doesn’t actually feature any attachment by this name. No wonder many players get a little bit confused with this.

Well, ACOG basically refers to Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. It’s the sight that offers at least 3x to 4.5x magnification on a firearm. In addition, these are the optics you’ll use for a long-range weapon.

ACOG Optic is useful to accurately engage the target at long range, compared to iron sights or red dot sights. It also provides a larger field of view so it enables users to spot potential enemies easier. Above all, ACOG optic is less likely to be obscured by dust or smoke, making it a great option for combat.

How to Unlock BP50 in Vanguard or Warzone

How to Unlock BP50 in Vanguard or Warzone
Source: Charlie INTEL

The challenge description to obtain BP50 is: “Get 15 ADS kills with an ACOG Optic equipped”. Once you’ve completed this challenge, you’ll see a new blueprint of BP50 with ACOG optic when you head to the gunsmith.

If you plan to unlock the weapon in Vanguard, it’s advisable to boot up a match on the smaller map such as Shipment or Das Haus. Alternatively, you can also obtain the BP50 in CoD Warzone by playing Plunder. In this mode, you can spawn in with your custom Loadout.


There you have it, an explanation about Call of Duty Vanguard ACOG Optic. Now that you have already got it, you can now start to unlock the weapon and fire the enemy mercilessly. Good luck with finishing off your foes!

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