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How to Watch the Call of Duty Vanguard Event in Warzone

The Call of Duty Vanguard event is one of the most anticipated game reveals in 2021. Unlike previous CoD games which dropped hints and clues, Vanguard barely had any information.

The only information players have been getting is from data mining leaks. So, it’s not surprising that players are eager to play this game.

The most interesting thing is that this latest franchise will be revealed in Warzone. So, in order to be the first to find out about this game, you need to watch it in Warzone.

Don’t miss out! Here’s how to do it.

When and How to Watch call of Duty Vanguard Event

call of duty vanguard event date
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As mentioned earlier, the Vanguard event will take place live in Warzone. Therefore, before hopping in-game, make sure you have installed the latest Warzone update.

As for the date and time, it will be live on Monday 19th of August 2021. Specifically, the event will start at 10:30 PT / 13:30 PT / 13:30 ET / 18:30 GMT.

Based on Call of Duty’s official Twitter, this event will be named “Battle of Verdansk”. Think you have what it takes to compete in this new game?

What to Expect from the Vanguard Event

Details of Call of Duty: Vanguard have been kept secret by Activision this whole time. However, several leaks on the internet claimed this game will be set in the World War 2 era.

In addition, there has also been a leaked menu image. As for the gameplay reveal itself, Vanguard may be similar to Black Ops – Cold War. 

For example, players may jump into the game and complete several objectives to unlock the trailer. Moreover, it may lead up to a gradual event as special Warzone bunkers also teased the reveal.

Since a lot of players have been anticipating this game, server problems may arise. Earlier, Warzone’s nuke event regarding the 80s Verdansk map made some players unable to get online due to server queues.

Hopefully, this time the servers have already been improved, so players will have more success witnessing the in-game reveal instead of watching it somewhere else.

Are you excited for the Call of Duty Vanguard event? Stay tuned for more news, tips and tricks regarding Call of Duty!