Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer maps free access

If you are a Call of Duty Vanguard fan, there’s some good news for you. Call of Duty Vanguard is giving fans two weeks of free access to new multiplayer maps and modes. You need to hurry because the free access is coming to an end! Here are all the details about the new Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer maps free access.

New-season 2 Call of Duty Vanguard Maps: Casablanca and Gondola

This new multiplayer edition brings two new maps for Vanguard players: Casablanca and Gondola. Here are the details about these two new editions to the Call of Duty Vanguard map:


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Casablanca is a medium-sized map with three lanes and a marketplace that surrounds it. It is quite a bustling place as expected from the shining jewel of Morocco. You have so many buildings to explore in Casablanca. The variety of the locations in Casablanca makes the matches very competitive and engaging. You can engage in long-range as well as close-quarters combat.


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The gondola is another medium-sized three-lane styled addition to the multiplayer Vanguard map. You need to be careful around the cliff. Though, you can push your opponents off that cliff. Gondola offers a large glutch and a fire watchtower. Both of these locations offer strategic positions during the matches. The long sightline this map provides can be used for close-quarters combat.

Go competitive in the Alps

Looking for new challenges? Select this new competitive mode set in the Alps. Drop in the Alps and start capturing all the bases to achieve victory! In the Alps, you will also get new vehicles that you can strategically use to win the match. Once you capture a base, you can choose to respawn at the base or other captured locations.

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Furthermore, a captured base will set up gates for you thus favoring your defense position in the game. The gate will automatically shut itself when enemies are nearby. You can purchase arms and accessories from friendly base stations. You can even buy vehicles from these bases. As for the cash, you can get it by capturing bases or picking it up from the dead bodies of your enemies.

New Multiplayer playlists

In addition to these maps and competitive mods, you can also look forward to a new Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer playlist. In this exciting playlist, you will find popular Call of Duty Vanguard maps such as Das Haus, Call of Duty® classic, and Shipment. If you are looking for a challenge, this playlist will serve you well. This playlist contains everything that a hardcore Call of Duty player will need.

This playlist is action-packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the match. You will also be able to play other popular maps such as Dome, Radar, and Hotel Royale. You can go for other competitive modes such as Control, Domination, and Hardpoint. If you want to avail the benefits of this free access multiplayer edition, you need to worry.


So these were all the details regarding the new free access Vanguard multiplayer edition. Hurry up now before it’s too late!

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