Call of Duty Vanguard Update Details

In this article we will cover the Call of Duty Vanguard update and give you all the available details. The fifth and final season for Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard is live. The mid-season update is out for consoles since September 28. The Call of Duty Vanguard update for PC however, was delayed to find fix regarding some crashing issues.

This last update is called The Last Stand and here are the details.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Update; The Last Stand

Last stand midseason brings the Warzone and Vanguard to its long-anticipated conclusion. Mid-Season reloaded updates generally only bring patch fixes and balancing to both titles but the season 5 Reloaded came loaded with some content expansion as well.

New weapons, operators and more

New weapons have been introduced and new operators are being deployed. Other in-season content for this new update includes Fortress Multiplayer map, Rebirth Island’s Resurgence Supreme, loadouts, and game modes.

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The Rebirth Island’s Resurgence Supreme in Call of Duty Warzone Update highly focused on action with epic and greater quality loot comprising mainly of most preferred weapon blueprints, and increased health bars for competitive gameplay. Get 15 kills in match to earn Resurgence Trials Victory” Calling Card for your collection. The countdown for resurgence has increased and actions will now earn double the reward.

Vanguard Fortress Map features post-apocalyptic setting with ship parts scattered through the map and Mediterranean style crumbled walls. A graveyard and a few strongholds that operators can maneuver for flanking enemies. Central Chapel offers sight over the entire map. Market or Scrapyard are your bid when the heat is increasing.

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Rorke, an ex-Marine, and one of the 54 Immortals, Seraph the cybernetic Enforcer, are the operators in the new Vanguard update. The new Lienna 57, a short to medium range compact light machine gun (LMG), is weapon to have on Rorke. Seraph’s loadout is where the BP50, a long range fully automatic rapid firing bullpup assault rifle, shines. Use these for bonus XP for the operator and Weapon.

Call of Duty Vanguard Update Store Bundles

Store Bundles for the Call of Duty Vanguard update include

  • Tracer Pack: Realm of Anubis Mastercraft
  • This bundle includes Weapon Blueprints for
  • Ultra Jackal God
  • Legendary Bound Decree

Also featuring

  • Egyptian Blue Sand Tracer
  • Honorific Vision Wrist Accessory,
  • Fully Wrapped Weapon Charm
  • A new Highlight Intro
  • Emblem
  • Spray
  • Weapon Sticker
  • Player Title

Elegant Threat Pro Pack. This Pro Pack Bundle packs Weapon Blueprints for:

  • Legendary Carnivoran
  • Legendary Black Cassowary

In addition to it, you get

  • 2,400 COD Points
  • Legendary Operator Skin Dark Opulence

and more.

Other Bundles on the way to Store include Tracer Pack: Star Collider Mastercraft, Tracer Pack: Locust GT Reactive Mastercraft, Calavera Weapon Bundle.


This was our account of Call of Duty Vanguard Update. Because this will be the final season update, people are now anticipating Warzone 2.0 which is set to release in November. Play COD and use Eklipse to make excellent highlights of your gameplay. Join Eklipse community to stay updates on recent COD news and more!

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