Dead Island 2 Release Date is Finally Confirmed

After being a mystery, fans finally got clarity about the Dead Island 2 release date. As we all know, Dead Island is an action-RPG horror game, which is quite successful in the market. The success of the game made the game then plan to release a sequel. Dead Island 2 itself was first announced in 2014, and the game is planned to be released the following year. However, suddenly the news about the release schedule of this game disappeared.

Fans are confused about the reason for the loss of the previous release schedule. What’s interesting is that at Game Fest 2022, fans were surprised by a video showing a parody of the Dead Island 2 game. This also gave rise to rumors that maybe the game wasn’t dead yet. And the possibility of fans’ speculation is true after leaks appeared on the internet related to the game.

Dead Island 2 Release Date Confirmed

dead island 2
Source: GamesRadar

Dead Island 2 will finally be released next February after a long, long wait: the leak that emerged on Amazon last week has been confirmed by a new trailer that concluded the massive Opening Night Live event at Gamescom.

According to some sources, that exact release date would be February 3, 2023. The game itself will be available in Epic Store.

The tone is similar to the one used to advertise Dead Island 2 back in 2014—horror combined with hilarious, violent humor. With reason: Dead Island 2 will be situated in Los Angeles and will have a “pulpy and irreverent tone” that intends to pay homage to “vintage cult Hollywood horror B-movies.”

The cinematic reveal trailer portrays Jacob, one of six playable characters in Dead Island 2. Each will have a distinct personality and speech, as well as configurable powers thanks to an entirely new skill system that will allow players to re-spec immediately. That’s significant since the game’s main goal is to develop new and innovative ways to eliminate zombies.

“Dead Island 2’s gameplay is all about experimenting with your preferred zombie-slaying methods, just kind of going nuts,” lead narrative designer Khan explained on the ONL stage. “It’s a combat toybox of close-quarters melee brutality, with a few guns for fun.”


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