Eminem Fortnite: Is It Going to Be the Next Fortnite Project?

Another surprise from Fortnite is approaching! After making various crossovers with many huge brands and famous artists, Eminem Fortnite may be the next collaboration. What? Seriously?! Unfortunately, it hasn’t been confirmed yet by Respawn.

Basically, this rumour has come up since players noticed that Eminem took over Fortnite Icon Radio with his songs. There are even 12 songs on the list played and last for around 53 minutes. Could it be a potential collab then? We can’t assure that. But let’s discuss it.

The Eminem Fortnite Song List

As previously mentioned, players have reported that they hear 12 songs by Eminem, and it’s quite extensive. So, it’s kinda nonsense if it’s some bizarre coincidence. It’s supported by the fact that The Icon Radio station is often used to showcase major artists within the Fortnite universe.

This includes artists that have skins and emotes in the store or the ones who have performed in-game. So, if you find out Fortnite has been showing an artist who has not any debut with Fortnite, it may be a sign of the next project. Just like the Slim Shady stuff. Here is the list of Eminem’s songs on Icon Radio according to HypeX, a Twitter user.

Source: HypeX Twitter

Eminem Fortnite Speculations

Eminem Fortnite Speculations
Source: Moyens I/O

Speaking of Fortnite crossovers, Fornite has achieved its popularity due to its exciting collaborations. It’s including the crossovers with Marvel, DC, Disney, Naruto, and even with other PC and Console games like Fall Guys.

On top of that, Epic Games has even held in-game concerts for major artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. That said, it’s highly possible if Fortnite is working for another project featuring Eminem.

Many speculated that Fortnite may have another big musical event in the game. However, some players have their own thought about it, like it could be an Eminem Emote, Music Pack, or skin like they usually do.

According to one of the reliable leakers on Twitter, @iFireMonkey, they tweeted that 0 skins are currently encrypted. Thus, an Emote or Music Pack will be more make sense. But overall, that is only a prediction. We can’t assure yet whether it is going to be real or not.


Eminem Fortnite may make you feel like bouncing off the walls. However, this is still only a rumour until Respawn or Epic Games officially confirms it along with the release date. Whatever the case may be, better for us to keep an eye out for any other clues.

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