Fall Guys
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Fall Guys Cross-Progression and Cross-Save

Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All is now available on all platforms, and Xbox and Nintendo Switch users can play it for the first time. With Fall Guys’ cross progression now live, this season serves as a kind of mini-reset. The Ultimate Knockout game is now free to play and accessible on a variety of consoles. Now, for the first time, the game introduces crossplay and cross-progression!

We’ll walk you through steps to make sure your entire inventory and game history transfer to the game’s new platforms.

But first, what is cross progression? Cross-progression basically implies that your progress will be saved across one account regardless of where you play Fall Guys. Contrarily, the crossplay functionality enables players to connect with other users on any platform that Fall Guys is accessible on. The two terms are often confused for each other. This handy guide will help you with any questions you may have about the feature.

Connecting your Fall Guys account

Now that Epic Games has bought Mediatonic (the Fall Guys developer), players need to have an Epic Games account. You cannot sign in and play Fall Guys without an Epic Games account. Players who have played the game before Season 1’s release already have an account with Epic Games, thus they can skip this stage.

When installing Fall Guys for the first time, you’ll be prompted to sign up for an Epic Games account. You have two options for doing this: either follow the on-screen instructions or go directly to the Epic Games Store website. If you choose to sign in directly through the website, look in the upper right corner of the screen. When you see the option to create a new account, click that box and then scroll down. You must register an active email address and create a password regardless of how you choose to do it. Other options, including utilizing Facebook or Steam, are also available for creating accounts.

Linking An Account

Fall Guys may be played on one primary system, such as your Series X, but what if you want to play the game elsewhere? Well, now your progress can be carried over to other systems! Simply connecting your account to the platforms where you play Fall Guys accomplishes this.

Log into Fall Guys on any device and navigate to the main lobby page to do this. Your character is pictured here standing in the middle of the lobby. Click the “Accounts” button, then click “Connections” and “Accounts” once again. You can link your account here to any other system that you aren’t currently using to play. For instance, if you wish to play Fall Guys on the PS5 while using a PC, you must first check in to Epic Games and then your PS account. Similar rules apply when tying in an Xbox or Switch account.

Bear in mind, the account you link for the very first time will be your primary account. However, your level, Season Pass progress, gained cosmetics, etc., will all be preserved on any system. So go ahead and play on any system, thanks to Fall Guys cross progression!


So that was simple enough! Cross progression and cross saves are a lifesaver in this day and age of gaming. If you’ve got multiple platforms you like to game on, it makes it a breeze to have all your data synced. Gone are the days when you would be forced to stick to one system at a time, without fear of having to start over.