Fall Guys Free to Play: Gameplay and Tips to Win!

Fall Guys could be the best choice for you who are looking for a fun and hilarious console game. This game is basically ready to offer you exciting gameplay that you can enjoy along with your friends. And according to the list of the best Switch games that will launch in June, Fall Guys has become one of the most recommended games to try.

On top of that, you can play this game for free! You don’t need to spend anything just to experience a nice game like this. And now, are you wondering what time are Fall Guys going free and how is the gameplay? Stay tuned to our article for more details!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Gameplay

Fall Guys Problem Finding Match
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The most important thing to consider when it comes to a game is the gameplay, storyline, and characters. Fall Guys is 

a battle royale game, where you have to compete with other players facing various obstacles and be the winner. Additionally, it allows up to 60 players to play together.

In Fall Guys, you’ll control a colourful jellybean-like character to be able to pass all the challenges and reach the top position. Additionally, this game has a similar concept to the legendary Takeshi castle. So, you’ll climb the ledges or anything to get the top position.

Fall Guys has launched on Tuesday, July 21st, 2022 and has been available on consoles including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC. It used to be in Steam as well, but turned out it has been delisted along with its release day for consoles and PC. 

Though it’s no longer for sale on Steam and only exclusively available on Epic Game Store, however, you still can access it through Valve’s launcher if you have owned the game long ago.

Aside from its entertaining gameplay, Fall Guys Xbox also comes with an eye-catching view with colourful and realistic graphics. This would make you have no more excuse not to get addicted to this game. Mediatonic also allows you to change your bean’s outfit with cute ones. This is just fantastic, ain’t it?

How to Invite Friends on Fall Guys Switch and Xbox

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Since Fall Guys is now available on multiple platforms, it supports crossplay and cross-progression options. You can invite your friends to play along with you and have fun together. To be able to do that, you need to create an Epic Game account and connect it to multiple consoles.

Once you have connected your Epic Games account to console accounts, now you can activate the cross-progression option. While you’re playing the game on PS4, you’ll still have the progress even when you play it on Xbox or other consoles.

Other than that, this process also allows you to get a crossplay option, where you can play against your friend with a different platform. To invite other players, you can do this step:

  • Then, go to the Main Menu by hitting the gear icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select Options, and turn Cross-Platform Matchmaking to On.
  • After that, find the Team Menu by clicking the icon with several faces and a ‘+’ symbol.
  • Next, select any of the Invite buttons and scroll down to choose friends you want to play together.
  • Then, press Invite.

You are now able to play with your friends as a team or as an enemy. In addition to that, you can only invite three people to be on your team though. We are unsure if they have changed the rule along with the release date.

Tips to Play Fall Guys Switch and Win

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Despite this game looking cute and hilarious, doesn’t mean it’s easy to prevent yourself to get knocked down by other players. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips to help you reach the highest position above all. Here you go.

Master Your Jump – Rule number one of this game is trying not to fall to your death. Furthermore, you need to practice your jump skill till you master it.

Practice Your Grabbing Skill – Other than mastering your jump, you should practice your grabbing skill as well. Grabbing skill is necessary to avoid falling and losing momentum.

Work on Dives – Dive skill is important during the game. If you are able to dive perfectly, you can dodge enemies and avoid getting caught by them.


So, that’s everything you need to know regarding the new released Fall Guys on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It would be better to get prepared and ready to find a match to beat up. Give your extra effort and reach out to the top! Don’t forget to always on a cool outfit. Good luck!

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