Fortnite Ranger Shotgun Returned: How to Get it?

Remember Fortnite Ranger Shotgun? It’s a long-range weapon that is lastly seen on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. This weapon has become a favorite due to its high damage capability and extended range. Unfortunately, this weapon is no longer available since the end of Season 2.

But hey…Surprise! The Ranger Shotgun is back in Chapter 3 Season 4! Who has got ants in pants after hearing about this good news then? Alright, today we’re gonna see what Epic Games has updated from this weapon, why you should use it, and how you can find it.

What is Fortnite Ranger Shotgun

What is Fortnite Ranger Shotgun
Source: GG Recon

As the name suggests, Ranger Shotgun is a long-range weapon that is able to fire a single destructive shot. It has a tighter spread than other shotguns and must reload after each blow. But luckily, the reload speed is pretty quick.

However, whenever you use this weapon on the battlefield, make sure that you also carry an AR or SMG to ensure that you don’t get caught out after the shot, particularly once you’re in close quarters.

Although it wouldn’t or couldn’t replace the AR or other snipers in terms of range, you can still do some pretty substantial damage with the Ranger Shotgun within short to medium range. High accuracy makes this weapon quite lethal.

In addition, Ranger Shotgun comes in several versions. They are:

  • Common version (329 DPS)
  • Uncommon version (345 DPS)
  • Rare version (364 DPS)
  • Epic version (383 DPS)
  • Legendary version (402 DPS)

Where is Fortnite Ranger Shotgun Location?

Where is Fortnite Ranger Shotgun Location
Source: YouTube

So, where can you find this interesting weapon then? Well, the Common version of Ranger Shotgun can be found through the floor loot and Fishing (plain), while the Uncommon version will be also available in chests.

As for the Rare version, you can find it on the chests, floor loot, and fishing (hole). In addition, to be able to get the Epic and Legendary versions, have a look at chests, rare chests, supply drops, and Fishing (hole).


Fortnite Ranger Shotgun is not a new thing in Fortnite. But its return could freshen the current season though. Apart from that, there’s a leak that the Fortnite v22.10 patch will be released next week, probably on October 4, a day after the Reboot Rally Challenges are over.

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