Fortnite the Nindo Challenge
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Fortnite the Nindo Challenge: The Rewards and How To Participate

Fortnite the Nindo Challenge has been starting since June 21st, 2022. For those who consider themselves big fans of Fortnite and Naruto, now you can have them all in a package. In this challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to get cosmetics, skins, or other stuff regarding the Naruto thingy.

If you want to know more about the Nindo Fornite challenge and how to complete it, you have stopped in the right place. Now, we’re going to guide you to pass the challenging task ahead. Here we go!

Fortnite the Nindo Challenge and Its Rewards

This challenge is proof of a clash between the Fortnite game and Naruto. It basically has a similar concept to the crossover between Fortnite and Among Us. Additionally, The Nindo challenge started on June 21st until no longer than July 7th, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET.

In the Nindo Fortnite Naruto challenge, you are going to find different Naruto character paths, including the Path of Gaara, Path of Itachi, Path of Hinata, and Path of Orochimaru. Each path will require you to unlock one, five, or ten badges.

how to do the nindo challenges
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Once you’ve completed one badge in the Gaara path, you’ll earn Focused Gaara Emoticon for the reward. For completing one badge in the Itachi path, there is a Shocked Itachi Emoticon. Other than that, you’ll earn Byakigan Hinata Emoticon for unlocking one badge in the Hinata path. And last but not least, completing one badge in the Orochimaru path will reward Orochimaru’s Smile Emoticon.

In addition to completing one badge, there are 20,000 XP for those who can unlock five badges on each path. That means, that if you successfully unlock all five badges of all paths, you are going to earn up to 80,000 XP.

The ultimate rewards of the challenge are Akatsuki Wrap and the Manda Glider. As for Akatsuki Wrap will be obtained after completing one path. Meanwhile, if you have succeeded to complete four different paths, the Manda Glider is waiting for you to be claimed!

How to Do the Nindo Challenge in Fortnite

Fortnite the Nindo Challenge
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To be able to earn those exciting rewards, you need to join the challenge first by doing the following guide.

  • Once you are logged in, head over to the Challenges page and get started.
  • After that, complete the path’s challenges mentioned above while playing Fortnite.
  • Don’t forget to track the progress on the website. It usually needs 90 minutes to refresh the website.

Every time you have accomplished the challenge, your progress will be updated and you can claim the rewards.


Fortnite the Nindo challenge might be something most awaited for a lot of gamers in the world. Now, since the challenge has already started until July 7th, it’d be better if you don’t waste your time and opportunity. Therefore, tighten up your belt, get ready, and complete all the challenges now!