Gen Hoshino Fortnite Soundwave Series Concert Has Been Rerun

Fortnite has never failed to surprise its players. From any collaborations rumour such as Breaking Bad and Eminem to the Soundwaves Series concert. This time, the musical show will feature one of the popular J-pop singers, Gen Hoshino Fortnite star.

We know this news will make you bounce off the walls, especially if you are a big fan of Gen Hoshino and didn’t get the chance to watch the first event. Basically, this is the second premiere of the Soundwave Series: Gen Hoshino. The first one has begun in June this year. There’s no clear reason why Epic Games re-running this event. Well, let’s get to know further about this event.

Gen Hoshino Fortnite Time Performance

According to the information published on the Fortnite official Twitter account, the Soundwave Series concert runs on August 30 to September 2 at 7 AM CT. Additionally, Gen Hoshino will be the first artist to perform there.

Soundwaves Series Show’s Rewards

Gen Hoshino Fortnite Time Performance
Source: DotEsports

Speaking of rewards, bringing Gen Hoshino to the Soundwaves Series music show has been the best gift for the fans. But other than that, Epic Games also offered an event-specific cosmetic, which is a new Gen Hoshino spray upon completing the Gen Hoshino Fortnite quest and XP for the new attendees.

However, many fans still speculate there will be more surprises waiting for them, such as an emote. The emote is supposed to come out on the previous Soundwave Series in June. But since it didn’t appear there, many speculated that the emote will be launched in September.

How to Watch Gen Hoshino in Fortnite Soundwave Series Show

Gen Hoshino in Fortnite Soundwave Series

Now it’s time to enjoy the show. It’s actually quite simple to jump into the concert. Players can enter the Soundwave Series: Gen Hoshino Discover tile. Alternatively, players can also watch the show via Picture-in-Picture while playing other game modes, such as Battle Royale, Creative experiences, and others.


Gen Hoshino Fortnite Soundwave Series concert is an event you couldn’t miss out on. With Hoshino’s energetic music, you can put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the moment. Let’s go party!

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