League of Legends Star Guardian 2022: Release Date and More Details

League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 event has been finally ongoing right now. All the die-hard fans of this game might be really excited since this is one of the best events of LoL which everyone is waiting for.

Speaking of Star Guardian, it was first released in 2015, comprising Lux, Jinx, Janna, Lulu, and Poppy as the first squad. Their skins were actually inspired by popular shows, such as Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Additionally, Riot Game then added more skin lines and champions to the pack in 2017, 2019, and 2022. Yep, the Star Guardian event is bringing more surprises for you. Let’s see what you can find here.

Star Guardian Event 2022 Date of Release

Star Guardian 2022
Source: ONE Esports

The LoL Star Guardian event for 2022 started on July 15th and will be no longer than August 16th. Yes, you have got a month to team up with other players to join the battle and get brand new skins here.

According to Riot Games, the Star Guardian 2022 will feature 12 skins to be part of the whole event. However, skins won’t be released all at once. There will be two sets to launch the skins. The first six will be available along with patch 12.13.

Then, the Star Guardian 2022 part 2 release date will be on July 27th, a day after League of Legends patch 12.14 released, and the next six skins will be available on the next day.

The Event Pass Price

The Star Guardian event of 2022 provides several pass missions to complete if you want to get special rewards. But before you go in there, you need to buy the Star Guardian pass that is worth 1,650 RP and includes 200 tokens and four Star Guardian Orbs.

In addition, there’s also a Star Guardian pass bundle worth 2,650 RP, and it also comes with 200 tokens, four Star Guardian Orbs, Ekko, and the Star Guardian icon and border.

You can immediately purchase the pass and bundle to be able to unlock pass missions before the event ends. Once you’ve purchased and unlocked the missions, you’ll be able to claim the rewards until August 23rd at 4 AM GMT+8.

Star Guardian Event 2022 Missions to Complete

Star Guardian Event 2022 Date
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Decided to join the event? There are at least 10 pass missions to face if you want to collect rewards. Here are the details.

  • Star Guardian Pass Millestone1 & 2: Should earn 700 points from time-spent playing and winning games. You’ll obtain Star Guardian 2022 Pass Icon, 10 Win XP boost, and 5 Mythic Essence.
  • Star Guardian 2022 Pass Milestone 3 & 4: Should earn 800 points from time spent playing and winning games. The rewards will be Mystery Emote Permanent, Umi Loves U! emotes, and 5 Mythic Essence.
  • Star Guardian Pass Milestone 5 & 6: Need to earn 900 points from time spent playing and winning games. You’ll get You Kick Ina? Emote, 5 Mythic Essence, Rigel Disappoint Emote, and 1500 Blue Essence.
  • Star Guardian 2022 Pass Milestone 7-10: Earn 1000 points from time spent playing and winning games. You’ll be given 500 Orange Essence, 1 Hextech Key, 1 Masterwork Chest and Key, 1500 Blue Essence, 1 Masterwork Chest, 750 Orange Essence, 1 Star Guardian 2022 Orb, and 1 Masterwork Chest and key.

Apart from this mission, Star Guardian 2022 has a visual novel component called Another Sky main story that follows about Kai’Sa and Akali friendship. To proceed through the story and unlock the chapters, you need to collect the Starlight.

Basically, the starlight is not only necessary to battle the bosses but to earn certain rewards as well. So, to be able to obtain Starlight, you have to complete the missions below.

  • Playing a game of Summoner’s Rift: earn 10 Starlight
  • Winning a game of Summoner’s Rift: earn 5 Starlight
  • Playing a game of ARAM, TFT (any mode), or Ultimate Spellbook: earn 6 Starlight
  • Winning a game of ARAM, TFT (any mode), or Ultimate Spellbook: earn 3 Starlight
  • Playing as a Champion from the Star Guardian Universe: earn 3 Starlight
  • Playing on a team with 1/2/3+Star Guardian Universe skins: earn 2/3/4 Starlight

Star Guardian Event Rewards

After completing the missions and collecting tokens, starlight, or other stuff, then what are they for? No worries, you can convert the tokens and starlight with special rewards before the event ends. Let’s take a look for more details.

  • 2200 tokens for 125 Mythic Essence & Icon
  • 2000 tokens for Star Guardian Ekko Prestige & Icon/Star Guardian Syndra Prestige & Icon
  • 600 tokens for Neon Nights Little Legends Egg/Ingenious Inventors Little
  • 300 tokens for Little Legends Rare Egg/Star Guardian Ekko/Kai’Sa/Sona/Nilah/Syndra/Akali/Taliyah/Rell/Quinn Chroma & Icon
  • 300 tokens for Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks/Morgana Chroma & Icon
  • 250 tokens for Star Guardian Ekko/Kai’Sa/Sona/Nilah/Akali/Taliyah/Rell/Quinn Border & Icon
  • 250 tokens for Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks/Morgana Border & Icon
  • 200 tokens for Star Guardian/Star Nemesis 2022 Orb
  • 180 tokens for 3 keys
  • 150 tokens for Star Guardian 2022 Ward
  • 60 tokens for 1 key/Mystery Emote
  • 50 tokens for Random Champion Shard
  • 20 tokens for 1 Key Fragment
  • 10 tokens for 100 Blue Essence
  • 1 token for 10 Bule Essence

Star Guardian Skins

Star Guardian Event 2022 Missions
Source: RVGamepc

As mentioned above, there are 12 skins available in the Star Guardian event 2022. The first six has been launched on July 14th, along with patch 12.13. They are Star Guardian Ekko, Prestige Star Guardian Ekko, Star Guardian Kai’Sa, Star Guardian Nilah, Star Guardian Sona, and Star Guardian Fiddlesticks.

Meanwhile, for the next six skins, they are available on July 28th, featuring Star Guardian Akali, Star Guardian Quinn, Star Guardian Rell, Star Guardian Taliyah, Star Nemesis Morgana, and Prestige Star Guardian Syndra.


So, that’s everything about Star Guardian 2022 event. Now you can prepare to work hard to participate in this event and earn as many as possible. Above all, don’t forget to save your money to purchase the Star Guardian skins as well. Who can deny their cool looks anyway?

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