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Major Mancake Fortnite: How to Get It

Major Mancake Fortnite may be the next exciting thing that everyone is waiting for. Yep, it is actually a new skin launched in the ongoing Fortnite Fall Guys crossover event. By participating in this event, you can earn a lot of free rewards, including new back bling, emotes, harvesting tools, and special skin.

This Fall Guys crossover event runs until no longer than July 11th. So, you still have a quite long time to earn the rewards many as you can. Have no idea how to join the event and get the gifts? Do not worry about it, because this article will give you a complete guide. Just read on below.

Fortnite x Fall Guys Crown Clash Event Details

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Fall Guys Crown Clash event is ongoing now and will last until July 11th. In this event, Fall Guys conducted a nice collaboration with Rocket League and Fortnite. Additionally, Fortnite introduced collaboration through in-game challenges, cosmetics, and new items, just like what they’ve done in Fortnite x Among Us and in the Nindo challenge.

To obtain all rewards across all games, including Fortnite Mancake skin, you need to complete five Fall Guys challenges or 100 total rounds. Once you’ve done the challenges, you’ll get several Kudos and free currency. Moreover, you can spend this currency to unlock items or skins in the Item Shop in both Rocket League and Fortnite.

How to Get Major Mancake Fortnite Skin

Major Mancake Fortnite Skin
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For those eager to earn this unique Fall Guys Fortnite skin, you have to follow this guide first. Make sure you do all the steps. Otherwise, you will miss the reward.

Step 1: Install the Fall Guys Game

First thing before participating in this event, make sure you get the Fall Guys game from Epic Game Store and install it to your PC, and consoles, including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. No worries about the cost since this game is free to play.

Step 2: Link the Game to the Epic Games Account

After installing the Fall Guys on your devices, now link it to your Epic Games account. The thing that is worth noting, use the same Epic Games account as you use to play Fortnite. To do this, head over to Epic Games Store, and log in with the relevant information.

Once you have succeeded in login in, you are supposed to see your account name at the top right corner of the page. Then, click on Account > hit Connection tab > click on Accounts under the Connection tab. Connect to the platform where you will play the Fall Guys.

Step 3: Start Completing the Challenges

Now, you are ready to participate in the event and complete the Crown Clash challenges. Additionally, this is the key to unlocking Major Mancake skin for Fortnite. There will be five quests and 100 total rounds to finish. You need to follow the instruction.

Step 4: Receive Your Rewards

Been finishing the tasks? Congratulations to you! The rewards have been successfully unlocked! You’ll get the tempting Fortnite skin, and other rewards including wheels, decal, banner, rocket boost, and topper for Rocket League as well. Since you have linked the games, now you can immediately claim it.

Besides the main rewards, there might also be an additional incentive for putting extra effort into the challenge. However, Epic Games officials give no further detail regarding the incentive.

Fortnite Fall Guys Challenges and Major Mancake Rewards

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During the process of finishing the full match, you’ll get some other rewards based on how many rounds you have completed. Here are the details about the rewards.

  • 10 Fall Guys Rounds, you’ll get Stacked! Spray
  • 20 Fall Guys Rounds, you’ll get Stacked With Love Emoticon
  • 40 Fall Guys Rounds, you’ll get Sweet Clementine Pickaxe
  • 70 Fall Guys Rounds, you’ll get Waffler Backbling

100 Fall Guys Rounds (complete match), you’ll be rewarded with Major Mancake Fortnite.

The round in Fall Guys means minigames. Things to keep in mind, you don’t have to win a match in every round to start. The important point is you have to get in the game as many rounds as possible to be able to unlock the ultimate reward.

If you have completed those 100 rounds of Fall Guys, the Major Mancake skin would appear on your Epic Games account, since your Fortnite and Fall Guys are connected to the same account.


That’s all about the Fall Guys Fortnite collab event and how to earn Major Mancake Fortnite. The steps are actually easy to do. However, the minigames might be a bit challenging yet so fun to play. Now, are you ready to grab your dream Fortnite skin? Get ready and start the challenge!