MIT Overwatch 2: What Does It Stand For?

As an Overwatch 2 big fan, you may wonder about what MIT Overwatch 2 means, right? Well, you are not alone then. Overwatch 2 has launched its latest patch notes, and you will find this new term on their scoreboard.

The scoreboard is something you will see whenever you start the game. Additionally, this is useful to help you look at the eliminations, damage dealt, deaths, and healing information of a team. You can press and hold Tab during a match to display the information.

And since MIT has become a new abbreviation on the scoreboard, you might be unfamiliar with this. So, this article will provide everything you need to know. Let’s jump into it.

What Is Overwatch 2 MIT Meaning?

What is MIT Overwatch 2

What does MIT mean in Overwatch 2? Everyone keeps asking the same question whenever they found out about this term. So basically, MIT stands for Damage Mitigated. The statistic shown in Damage Mitigated is similar to the Damage Blocked in the original Overwatch game.

However, Damage Blocked only detects how much damage is absorbed by shields. On another side, Damage Mitigated provides more comprehensive information, including statistics about damage avoided by players’ abilities. This is actually as important as healing players. So, whenever you are able to reduce the damage, MIT will track it.

When it comes to the ability to reduce and prevent the damage, they are two in-game characters you need to know. Ana’s Nano Boost and Orisa’s Fortify abilities will grant you a 50 percent resistance buff, which will be tracked by the MIT.

Unfortunately, you can’t find other abilities counted in MIT statistics since the game still working on its final form. It’s including Lucio’s Sound Barrier ability. But don’t worry about it, because it’s only a matter of time until the mechanism is perfectly built and you’ll find that the game will be so much fun.

Overwatch 2 Score Board: A Traditional Thing

What does mit stand for
Source: GGRecon

Unlike the previous version, Overwatch 2 applies this traditional scoreboard by showing the statistical information of every player. As mentioned above, you can view this information during the game, or after the match.

Using this type of scoreboard, the players can observe what they’ve done during the match, compared to their competition. This made the game more fair and transparent. However, many players still show their disapproval.

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Chat is MIT in Overwatch 2? Now, you have already found the answer to that question. Some players thought this was brilliant, while others thought no. But apart from all that, we will be able to see how it works completely in the game’s October release.

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