Monster Hunter Rise Update Sunbreak: Everything You Need to Know

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is coming closer! Those who wait for this digital event may start to wonder about the Monster Hunter Rise update. Yep, Capcom actually brings in some exciting things to the event. Who will be bouncing off the walls?

If you want to know more about Monster Hunter Rise update Title 1, you have stopped in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about when the event started, the monster that will be featured, and more. So, let’s dive right into the article.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Date

The digital event of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is set to go live on Twitch, on August 9th, at 3 PM BST/7 AM PDT. This means that your wait will be over sooner!

Additionally, this event will be conducted by producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and game director Yoshitake Suzuki. Right after the event start, you will see what updates you are going to find here. Are you ready to know about it? Keep reading!

Monster Hunter Rise Update 2022

Capcom has confirmed new monsters that will appear at the upcoming event. They are Lucent Nargacuga and Seething Bazelgeuse. Lucent Nargacuga is previously introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Additionally, this monster can turn invisible and can extend its spikes by shaking its tail. Whenever Lucent shakes its tail, it can fire a bunch of its venomous spikes at anyone in front of them.

Monster Hunter Rise Update
Source: IGN

As for Seething Bazelgeuse, it’s first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This Bazelgeuse has two powered-up states. In the first state, it can drop the explosive scales by flying around. Then, the second state finds that it has a large huge blast radius.

Other than two monsters, in Title Update 1 you’ll be allowed to visit the Forlorn Arena as well. Above all, Capcom also confirmed that they have adjusted the challenge to be more fun and a little less daunting.


There you have it, the Monster Hunter Rise update and detail. The expansion really brings more excitement than any trepidation. Now that you got new powerful monster foes, you can prepare yourself to be ready while facing them up. Good luck!

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