New Season of Apex Legends 14: Release Date and Updates

The new season of Apex Legends 14 is nearly here! As the Apex Season 13 end date is today, the next season will set to begin right after that. Season 13 previously came with the changes to the Storm Point map, Newcastle as the Heroic Defender, and Ranked Reloaded.

Of course, players now look ahead to what are the new things Apex is going to bring into the upcoming season. Additionally, Respawn has launched the latest trailer for season 14. And to support the trailer, we will give you more about Apex Legends season 14 leaks.
Stay tuned and keep reading if you want more information about it!

Apex Legends New Season Release Date

The wait is going to end soon! According to EA’s official website, the Apex Legends Season 14 is going to go live on Tuesday, August 9th, 2022, at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/ 6 PM BST. For instance, it will be available tomorrow! Who must be really excited now?

This upcoming season will last the same length of time as the previous seasons, which is at around 12 weeks.

Apex Legends Season 14 New Updates

New Season, means new changes and updates. At least this is what every player is expecting. Well, let’s talk about the character first. The new season features Vantage as the new legend. According to Respawn, Apex Legends 14 Vantage is a sniper-focused legend who was raised on the icy planet of Pagos.

Currently, Vantage has become the youngest Legend in Apex Legends Games as she involved herself when she was 18 years old. Vantage also possesses Echo Relocation as a tactical ability. As for her passive ability, there is Spotter’s Lens that allows players to accurately predict bullet drops at a distance. Then, she also has the Sniper’s Mark as her ultimate ability to mark the enemy target by custom the sniper rifle.

New Season of Apex Legends 14
Source: GameSpot

Other than the new character, Respawn also confirmed the updates of the Kings Canyon map. The updates include the rising of Skull Town from ashes after Legend Loba blew it off the map in Season 5. They confirmed to increase the level cap of this season as well, from 500 to 700 total level.

Another thing you will see in Season 14 is any changes for the arsenal of guns, such as the Wingman that is now taking sniper ammo and EVA buffs. The new collection of character skins, banner frames, and weapon charms will be also available here. So, are you eager to jump in? Here’s the official Apex Legends Season 14 trailer that is super worth watching.

Source: Apex Legends YouTube


So, that’s everything we know about the new Season of Apex Legends 14. You can now start preparing yourself to jump into the new season. Above all, before accessing the new content of Season 14, players need to download and install the latest patch notes.

If you play with PlayStation, you’ll receive the new patch 24 hours before launch, meanwhile, those on PC, Switch, or Xbox will need to wait until Season 14 is officially going live tomorrow.

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