Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Post Update Advantage

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 rapidly approaching, there is one major feature of the game that gives Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 post update advantage.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is generating a lot of buzz in the run-up to its release, with the title’s massive intended scale providing a wide range of topics and points of discussion. The game’s Beta, which was recently made available to preordering customers, has now concluded, and it may have shed light on an inherent advantage that the upcoming title will have over the original.

The recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta, as expected, showcased a slew of core gameplay features that are already being panned by the community. Given the more vocal nature of today’s gaming demographics and the increased feasibility of title post-launch changes, the upcoming game may have a significant advantage over the original Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Post Update Advantage

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Launch
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The latest iteration of the massive FPS shooter franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, will be released on October 28. The game will be the second game in the ambitious reboot of the original fan-favorite Modern Warfare franchise, following on from 2019’s extremely popular Modern Warfare.

The upcoming title will feature an expansive and bold campaign that appears to blend narrative elements from the first two original MW titles while firmly stamping its own identity through entirely new plot points such as the introduction of the Mexican Special Forces as a core allied faction. The game will, of course, include its own built-in version of core CoD multiplayer, as well as launching alongside Warzone 2, which is scheduled for November 16.

While the original Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops mode returns, as does a brand-new scavenging mode akin to Escape From Tarkov, it is clear that the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are truly ambitious projects. While the newer title will invariably be compared to the franchise-defining original Modern Warfare 2, a recent and somewhat contentious Beta for the upcoming game may have revealed an inherent advantage that MW2 may have over the original.

MW2’s Imbalanced Nature

call of duty: modern warfare 2 2022 release date
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As previously stated, the original Modern Warfare 2 is widely regarded as one of the best installments in the Call of Duty franchise’s history. Releasing in 2009, the title arguably arrived at the pinnacle of excitement surrounding Call of Duty’s multiplayer gameplay and boasted a plethora of improvements over its predecessors to truly earn the positive reputation that the title maintains to this day.

That being said, it is undeniable that nostalgia plays a role in shaping how long-term fans remember the gameplay experience of the original Modern Warfare 2. Despite the fact that many people will recall happier times in their lives when recalling their first experiences with Modern Warfare 2, it is important to remember that the general franchise expectations and gameplay metas of competitive shooters were vastly different in 2009 than they are today.

For example, during the era of the original Modern Warfare 2, online titles were rarely updated after launch, with the exception of patching extremely game-breaking bugs and exploits. Many will recall the long-standing presence of overpowered metas such as using One Man Army to essentially fire limitless grenade-launcher projectiles across the map, or the Commando perk’s ludicrously overpowered melee lunge.

These Modern Warfare 2 aspects, among many others, were essentially left unchecked for the majority of the game’s life cycle, and definitely had a negative impact on the game, despite some fans viewing these gameplay elements as charming and character-building features in retrospect.

Future Updates

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 updates

It will undoubtedly be difficult for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 to match the original’s prestige and reputation. Infinity Ward will have to use everything at its disposal to deliver an experience that can compete with the previous title while meeting modern gaming expectations. With this in mind, the most significant advantage of the newer title is its ability to interpret and deliver fan feedback in a much more sustained and direct manner, which was not possible or expected in 2009.

It is no secret that post-launch updates dominate the modern gaming industry. While this can be contentious, these updates are critical to the reputation of online games and modes. The recent Modern Warfare 2 Beta epitomized this, with players providing a plethora of feedback that they would like to see implemented before the game’s official release.

While not all identified feedback will be implemented, Infinity Ward has already outlined changes to Modern Warfare 2 that will be made following the Beta, establishing a precedent for the importance of fan engagement within the title.

Furthermore, the new Modern Warfare 2 has an unprecedented two-year life cycle, allowing it to truly fine-tune and balance its weapons and perks over a long and sustained period. Despite the legacy of the original Modern Warfare 2, the title’s more broken multiplayer elements are a factor that the upcoming game will easily avoid replicating over the course of its own journey.

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