COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta Changes

Curious about the latest COD Modern Warfare 2 beta changes? We’ve got you covered in this article.

Modern Warfare 2 recently completed the largest beta in Call of Duty history, so you can imagine that popularity came with a lot of player feedback. Though sentiments are generally positive, a few issues have arisen repeatedly.

In order to address these concerns, developer Infinity Ward highlighted some of the most common ones and discussed what it plans to do about them before the game’s release.

The studio addressed some issues in a blog post while leaving others unaddressed. Unfortunately, even those who were mentioned by name did not receive satisfactory responses.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta Changes: Footsteps Sounds

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Since the first round of beta testing, this has been a particularly prominent point of feedback. While Infinity Ward did make footstep sounds quieter during the second weekend, they clearly needed more work.

The developer stated that it will “continue to balance enemy/friendly footstep audio ahead of launch,” but did not specify what that entails.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta Changes: Tracking Enemies

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta
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Two major issues with the Modern Warfare 2 beta were spotting and tracking enemies. The second weekend was better in that regard, thanks to less muzzle smoke, but the problem persists. The game does not employ the tried-and-true system of displaying a red nametag above enemies, and it does not appear that Infinity Ward will reinstate it.

According to the developer, it will “tweak increased enemy visibility to allow for better visual tracking of opponents that are not solely the traditional nameplate.” Many changes could be made in that area that do not require nametags, such as preferential lighting and subtle color changes.

Disbanding Lobbies

Call of Duty Disbanding Lobbies
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For years, one of the most vocal complaints from core Call of Duty players has been that lobbies are scrambled after every match. Leaving aside the fact that disbanding lobbies is an essential part of the matchmaking system, this is a non-issue for the vast majority of players.

Infinity Ward did not promise to remove the feature entirely, most likely because it cannot, but the developer does want to reduce it and better communicate with players when it occurs.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta Changes: Third Person Mode

Call of duty Third Person
Source: CharlieIntel

Many Modern Warfare 2 beta players thought third-person mode was a welcome addition, but some thought it could be improved. Infinity Ward concurs, particularly on how awkward it felt to switch shoulders. The developer promised to improve this before the launch, but did not respond to the popular request to include third-person aiming.

Balance Changes for Weapons

Between the two weekends, Infinity Ward made several balance changes to the few beta weapons, and the developer is generally satisfied with the state of things. Based on that, similar changes are expected for the live version.


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