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Fortnite Elden Ring Collaboration Might Be Coming

Fortnite is a battle royale game that is loved by many gamers. Various crossovers with other games have been announced, such as Street Fighter, Assassin’s Creed, Moon Knight, and many more. Speaking of crossovers, recently there was a survey that the possibility of a Fortnite Elden Ring crossover would be coming, considering Elden Ring, the souls-like game was on the rise when it was released.

About Fortnite Elden Ring Crossover

fortnite collaboration elden ring

The survey was shared by a well- known Fortnite Twitter leaker @ShiinaBR, where he got the survey from @Guile_GAG. Through his tweet, he gave a disclaimer that the number of characters in the survey list does not mean that all of them will officially enter the game ‘s item shop. In the survey, gamers’ attention was drawn to a familiar name, where the Elden Ring character was included in the list.

We know that some of the bosses in the Elden Ring game are quite iconic and suitable to be part of Fortnite, such as Malenia and Radagon which are loved by gamers. However, if Epic Games wants to include these souls-like game characters in the Fortnite Elden Ring crossover, maybe Melina and Iron Fist Alexander will be FromSoftware’s picks in the future.

Not only that, although it was also debated whether Ranni and Blaidd were more suitable for collaboration, the two previously mentioned characters were enough to make this crossover even more memorable.

Here’s the tweet, which you can see below:

For the Fortnite Elden Ring crossover character item bundle later, Melina’s Torrent as a Glider could be an interesting thing as a buoy to jump higher later. In addition, the alternative style will make Melina look like Ranni, aka two Elden Ring skins combined into one.

As for Alexander’s own Iron Fist, with his flagship massive jar, it’s quite interesting to use it as an emote where he is able to summon a small Living Jar, and of course it becomes entertainment for the players.

Given the success of the Elden Ring game, with this crossover, many might see it as the most promising thing in this survey. Although there has been no confirmation and this survey is still a leak, hopefully Epic Games can take that into account.

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