How to Get Early Access to Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

Rather than releasing a new Call of Duty title in 2023, Activision is said to be planning a premium upgrade for the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

TheGhostofHope, a Call of Duty leaker, first shared word of new paid campaign DLC for Modern Warfare 2, claiming it would arrive in the game’s second year (ie. 2023) and would be bundled with a 20th anniversary “greatest hits map pack” containing classic maps from the original 2009 Modern Warfare 2, as well as maps from across the series.

About Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

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Following TheGhostofHope’s campaign DLC accusations, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier chimed in to confirm the information. “[Activision Blizzard] will be releasing new items for MW2 next year, an expansion or something like that,” he remarked in a tweet. Although Schreier admitted he wasn’t “sure exactly what it’ll look like”, he claimed it would have “campaign stuff too”.

The expansion will purportedly appear in place of a new mainline series entry for Call of Duty in 2023; Schreier earlier stated that next year will be the first time the core series skips a yearly release “after a recent entry in the series failed to fulfill expectations.”

While an Activision statement issued in response to that previous news did not refute Schreier’s assertions, the publisher’s following Q2 2022 financial report indicated that it was developing “new premium content” for the “Call of Duty ecosystem” in 2023. Some first misinterpreted this to suggest that a new entry in the series will be released next year, although a paid expansion for Modern Warfare 2 would also meet that description.

How to Get Early Access to Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

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Fortunately, getting a chance to play through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s whole single-player experience before its official release date is simple.

To receive CoD MW2 campaign early access, all you have to do is digitally pre-purchase the game, which means you should order through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store,, and/or Steam.

To be clear, early access will not be available to anyone who purchases a physical copy of the game. So, if you purchased a disc copy from GAME or Amazon, you’re out of luck!

Furthermore, if you’re wondering, it doesn’t matter which version of the game you buy – as long as it’s in digital format, early access is yours.

However, keep in mind that early access just gives you access to the single-player experience; Spec Ops and multiplayer will be accessible after the actual release date.


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