Sims 4 Base Game Will Be Free

The Sims 4 is going free, which means PS5 and PS4 players will be able to obtain its platinum trophy for free next month. While the Sims 4 base game will be available for free, the game’s numerous DLC expansions will continue to be available for purchase.

The Sims 4 will be free-to-own on PS5 and PS4 on October 18, 2022, which means players will be able to earn The Sims 4 trophies without spending a single penny. EA and Maxis will continue to support the game with regular DLC expansions, but because none of them include additional trophies, PS5 and PS4 players will be able to get all of the Sims 4 trophies and platinum for free next month.

Details About Sims 4 Base Game Being Free

sims 4 base game free

EA announced on its website that The Sims 4 would be available for free on PlayStation consoles ahead of this year’s Sims Summit — or annual Sims-related news fest, for those unfamiliar. Aside from informing us that the game’s platinum trophy is now free to obtain, the article also instructs previous The Sims 4 owners on how to obtain a free content pack as a reward for purchasing the game previously.

Looking at the Ultimate Sim Guru platinum trophy in The Sims 4, we can see that only 20% of TT players and 0.2% of PSN players have claimed it, indicating that it won’t be the easiest platinum to obtain. The game’s hidden trophies are causing the most headaches, and if you’ll allow me to spoil the achievements of an eight-year-old game with no plot, I’ll write some insight into these in the paragraph below. So, spoiler alert for any trophy junkies out there.

Alphabet Legacy, the most time-consuming Sims 4 trophy, is also a hidden gold. To earn this trophy, you must play a household for over 26 generations, which takes a long time (unless you follow DaveKinetic’s trophy guide, of course). Most of the lesser-earned trophies, on the other hand, are just for odd deeds, such as Black Widow, which requires you to have one Sim outlive five spouses — the strategy for which involves woohoo-induced heart attacks, which is as amusing as it is accurate dark.

There are also Ghostly and Ghost Family, which require you to invite one ghost and then eight ghosts into your home. What’s particularly amusing to me is that thousands more players have earned What Would it Be Like? — a trophy for woohooing a ghost — than any other trophy involving welcoming a ghost into the family. Surely, the majority of the deceased characters are loved ones, right? Actually, let’s close this thread now.

If The Sims 4 ever comes to PS Plus with additional DLC content, you can bet it’ll be at the top of our list of the hardest PS Plus platinum trophies in no time. Until then, enjoy your free trophy list, let us know in the comments if you plan on tackling this one next month, and, as we always say here at TrueTrophies, don’t let those PlayStation Stars collectibles tempt you away from future free stuff.


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