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Overwatch 2 Release Date and Second Beta Announced

Looking forward to play one of the most popular FPS games, Overwatch? Here’s all you need to know, including the Overwatch 2 release date!

Good news for console players, especially Overwatch fans. Right in June, gamers can participate in the beta version for the upcoming game sequel, Overwatch 2!

About Overwatch 2 Release Date

overwatch 2 release date 2022
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Blizzard announced that the Beta test schedule or the second trial for Overwatch 2 release date will start on June 28, 2022. As for the second beta registration, it will start on June 16, 2022.

Different from the first trial, this time PlayStation and Xbox players also seem to be able to participate. Given that the icons of both platforms are listed in the announcement poster. However, it is still unclear whether Nintendo Switch players will be able to join the trial or not.

There are some interesting details that you need to know about this trial. Blizzard Entertainment has just leaked a new hero that Junker Queen, a tank from Junkertown, will be playable.

The company also announced that a new map, which has not yet been revealed, will be added in the future. This map will later join the previous maps, which were already available in the first Overwatch 2 Beta. Also included are other new maps such as Colosseo, Circuit Royal, and Midtown.

Further information related to this beta version, including issues regarding Junker Queen, will be announced again during the Overwatch 2 livestream. The livestream was also held on June 16, 2022, to coincide with the Overwatch 2 release date for the second beta.

Most likely, not all players who signed up for the beta will be able to receive access. Blizzard may once again reward fans with access to the beta for watching certain streamers. However, this method of granting access has not been officially confirmed by the company.

Previously, Blizzard had revealed that Overwatch 2 would be released as a free-to-play title, with early access on October 4, 2022. Blizzard revealed this during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase event.

Players who make a purchase for Original Overwatch will receive two exclusive skins, an icon, and a “surprise gift”, details of which will be revealed as the release date approaches. With that said, are you excited about playing Overwatch 2? Leave your comments below!