Sonic Origins Release Date and More Details Explained

For the classic Sonic The Hedgehog big fans, you might wonder about Sonic Origins release date and more details about it, right? No worries, because the wait is already over! The game will launch by today. If you want to know further details, including the specific release time and date, also the gameplay, stay tuned to our article.

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Sonic Origins Release Date 2022

Sonic Origins Release Date
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The official release date and time for Sonic Origins is June 23rd, or to be more precise, it’s just today! This game will be available on several platforms, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Additionally, the specific release time depends on your platform. For Sonic Origins Switch release time, it would be at 9.00 AM PT based on the Nintendo support website. Meanwhile, PlayStation and Xbox users may have midnight in their local timezone for the specific release time.

However, the release time for PC players has not been confirmed. But it could be at 9 AM PT, the exact time when Steam usually launches new titles. So, be prepared to welcome a classic game with a brand new face!

Sonic Origins Gameplay

Sonic Origins Gameplay
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Many of you might wonder what the game is all about and how the gameplay would be. Actually, Sonic Origins 2022 is a remaster game that includes the four classic games, such as Sonic The Hedgehog 1&2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD.

Despite consisting of four classic titles, Sonic Origins comes with a new high resolution which will give you more convenience during the game. Moreover, they also added new opening and ending animations.

Other than its brand new face, you’ll also experience a lot of new challenges and unlockable things within the game. Can you imagine how exciting it would be to jump back to those nostalgic games?

Sonic Origins Pre-Order Price

Sonic Origins release date Switch
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For those who want to experience a dose of nostalgia, you can pre-order Sonic Origins. There are two editions of Sonic Origins, including Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. As for Standard Edition priced at $39.99, it includes the basic game, meanwhile Deluxe Edition, you’ll get Premium Fun Pack and Classic Music Pack for $44.99.

Apart from it all, Sega provides several bonuses for pre-orders. There will be 100 Bonus Coins for any edition of this game, including Mirror Mode unlock, and Letterbox Background. As for Deluxe Edition, will get hard missions, camera controls over the main menu islands, and character animations in the main menu and during music islands. Other than that, you’ll obtain additional music tracks from Genesis/MegaDrive Titles.

Just in case you don’t pre-order the Standard Edition game, you can buy the Start Dash Pack post-launch. And if you don’t purchase the Deluxe Edition, the Premium Fun Pack and Classic Music Pack are available to buy. However, PlayStation Store Page for Sonic Origins left no further info regarding the packs’ price.


As the Sonic Origins release date and more details have already been explained, you can now prepare for this upcoming game. Be ready to travel back to your childhood memories when you first became friends with Sonic the Hedgehog. Just wait and enjoy the game!

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