Steps to Follow to Edit Facebook Live Video

Facebook is undoubtedly the latest leading platform of social media for the past decade. Launching quite new and amazing features each year, Facebook live video brings a lot of entertaining and interesting things to our busy social media lives. Sounds good, right?


Many people have started their journey through Facebook and got millions of followers. It clearly means that even a common man can become famous on this wonderful platform by remaining active most of the time. All in all, a live video on Facebook can be a sweet spot in this regard. And yes, the best editing can make it super fantastic and play a vital role in this case.


Want to know more about how you can edit a Facebook live video in the most simple steps? Well, just have a look below to know exactly what Facebook live actually is, and what steps you can follow to edit a live video. So, let’s get started;

What is exactly meant by Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a super amazing feature introduced by Facebook in recent years. This feature was introduced in 2015 & today this exceptional feature is easily available to all personal profiles. Facebook Live enables you to share the real-time video with your fans, friends, and family by coming live. It will let them know what you are seeing or doing.

With the help of Facebook Live, you can share the camera covering efficiently. Plus, you can also share your phone screen with your fans and audience for better interaction. Also, you can tag your friends, add a description, add an activity, or select your location before coming live to Facebook.

Furthermore, the working process of Facebook live is just the same as going or coming live on YouTube. Anyhow, live streaming is almost distinct from Instagram’s live streaming. Nowadays, there are a lot of content creators, celebrities, and social influencers on Facebook using this platform to express their feelings and thoughts. Plus, it is a great way to communicate with others as well.

Creating a Live Video on Facebook

With the live video feature of YouTUbe, Fb has now added an exceptional feature for editing it, too. We all know that the video you often try to share isn’t as similar as you expected it to be. There are also some cases when the capture of the video is too wide. Thus, the content looks very blurry in this situation. Plus, the quality is also not up to the mark sometimes due to the wrong ratio of aspects. Yes, you hear that right!

As a result, you need to do trimming in order to share the best part of the video. Many people also go through such issues while doing live streaming on Facebook. Sounds similar to your issue? Well, you don’t have to be tense about it at all. We are here with the best solutions for you!

Below is the step-by-step comprehensive guide to trim and edit your live video on Facebook to make them more efficient and catchy. So, what are you waiting for? Just have a look at the incredible steps and get pleasurable results;

Trim Facebook Live Video | A step-by-step Guide

It also sometimes happens when you are live on Facebook & after the video session is completed, you forget to end your broadcast. This results in the addition of unwanted video length.

You’ll surely need to remove that unnecessary part. For this purpose, you can simply use the trim feature of Facebook.

Here is how you can efficiently trim and edit your videos on Facebook;

Step 1:

Go to Facebook’s homepage. Click on the button ‘videos’ on the very left side of the page view. It’ll redirect you efficiently to all the video content of your page.

Step 2:

After opening the table of videos successfully, You will have access to every video on the page. Now, choose any of the videos that you are going to edit. Then, click simply on the ‘video’. Go to the options of video by clicking on the 3 dots on the upper right corner of the page. Click on the option “Edit Video” for editing.

Step 3:

Now choose the option of “Video Trimming” for trimming the video. Later, you’ll have the entire length of the video. Plus, the trim option is also there to limit the video perfectly. You can simply trim it by entering the ending starting time by utilizing the option “From and To” to trim that particular part.

Edit Video on Facebook | Incredible Method

Just as mentioned earlier, step 1 & step 2 are quite the same. Now, rather than selecting the option of trimming, simply stay on the page of video editing. There, you’ll see all the essential details of the videos that you can efficiently edit, including;


  • Description
  • Creating polls
  • Title of the video
  • Subtitles and captions of your video
  • Tag friends and people
  • Clipping the video
  • Changing or editing the video thumbnail
  • Controlling video distribution

Hope this article will be helpful for you, folks!

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