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Streaming on Facebook: A complete guide


Stream on Facebook
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How to stream on Facebook Gaming

The uses of Facebook are not limited to socializing and selling products online. There are many ways to use Facebook. You can earn income by selling ads on Facebook, running your own Facebook page, or even watching videos and downloading videos of your friends. The ways that you can use Facebook gaming to make money are limitless and can each help you earn a lot of money. Most people ask this question about how to stream on Facebook gaming.

In this article, we will guide you on Facebook game streaming.

How to Stream on Facebook Gaming? Instructions

After you’ve set up your gear, follow these steps to start streaming on Facebook Gaming:

  • Set up a Facebook Gaming page.
  • Go to your Creator Portal site.
  • Select Create Live Stream on Facebook.
  • Under Choose where to post, select your Facebook Gaming page.
  • Choosing where to post a video on Facebook.
  • Select Choose Video Type. (Go live or create a live video occasion.)
  • Under Welcome to Live Producer, select a reason for going live, then, at that point, select Get Started.
  • Under Select, a video source, select Streaming Software.
  • Also, Under Streaming Software Setup, select Copy to duplicate your stream key.
  • Enter the Stream Key and Server URL into your streaming programming settings. Go to File > Settings > Stream.
  • Whenever you’ve set up your stream, begin gushing in your transmission programming. A see shows up on Facebook. Select the little window to make it bigger.
  • Enter a title and depiction for your stream and label a game.
  • Select Go Live (or then again if doing a test, select Start Test).

Observing Facebook Game Streams

After going live, Facebook takes you to the Creator Studio, where you’ll see some data insights such as the number of viewers, stream health, and viewer reviews. You can get back to the Creator any time Studio manages your transfers and transfer recordings. Select Insights to check your viewer metrics and income. Enter a title and description for your stream and label a game whenever you want to start streaming. After that, select Go Live.

What Do You Need to Stream Games on Facebook?

Facebook Gaming supports streaming from PCs or consoles with an HDMI port, so to stream from your console, you’ll have to connect it to your PC using a video catch card. Also, you’ll require some outside game streaming programming software such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS.

Put your resources into a quality webcam and a USB. You definitely want to invest in a quality game streaming arrangement to make your streams as professional and engaging as it’s possible.

Setting Up Your Facebook Gaming Stream

Before you start streaming, you’ll have to set up your transmission programming and the program you are using. Facebook suggests the following settings for streaming on Facebook gaming:

  • Bitrate: 4,000Kbps
  • Keyframe span: 2
  • Video yield: 720p at 30 edges for every second

Don’t forget about an appealing layout for your streams. This will help you get more viewers on your streams. You need to make an outwardly engaging design for your stream if you really want to make it big in the streaming space. At the very least, ensure that for a quality stream, you have a good foundation picture and a webcam.


Facebook game streaming is the next big thing after Twitch streaming. Now, Facebook gaming might not be the biggest streaming platform in the industry but it can definitely generate revenue.

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