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The $3.6 billion Sony Bungie deal

SONY is still the biggest gaming company in the world in 2022 and it’s not willing to let go of this spot anytime soon. This is quite apparent with the whopping $3.6 billion SONY Bungie deal. Its news that SONY Interactive Entertainment has purchased Bungie Inc. Bungie Inc is known as the developer of popular gaming franchises such as Halo and Destiny.

After the recent acquisition of studio Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, this deal is the latest gaming deal in the industry. A wave of consolidations and acquisitions is taking place in the gaming industry. So, what does this deal entail for both gaming studios? Did SONY make the right decision by purchasing Bungie? Let’s answer this question.

So what’s next for SONY and Bungie?

After the acquisition, Bungie will join SONY’s PlayStation family. Bungie confirmed this in their blog post. This acquisition favors SONY in every way as this Japanese corporation has been taking over everything for the past few years such as the popular Spiderman franchise. However, when compared to Microsoft’s deal with Activision, it’s clear that there is massive competition.

SONY now has acquired the massively popular gaming series, Halo. This will be beneficial for SONY going forward as its sales will likely increase due to the acquisition. Bungie studio was also owned by Microsoft before it went private in 2007. After this billion-dollar deal, Bungie has plans for Destiny 2.

Bungie hopes to hire new writers and game developers for Destiny 2. It’s clear that SONY and other big names in the video gaming industry are responding rapidly to the recent demand for games. The ongoing pandemic has increased the demand for video games and popular gaming franchises and companies are doing all they can to meet this demand.

New gaming deals in the industry are proof that tech giants are heavily invested in the consolidation of multiple revenue streams for their gaming business. According to reports, this gaming sector will soon pass over $150 billion in deals this year. Furthermore, these gaming companies are hiring fresh talent from all over the world to further improve the gaming experience they provide.

More PlayStation sales for SONY

As for SONY, it has also added a number of talented developers to its teams such as  Valkyrie Entertainment and “Returnal” developer Housemarque. With the acquisition of Bungie and the hiring of new talent, SONY aims to expand the reach of its PlayStation consoles to a wider audience. After the deal, Bungie studio will function as an independent unit of SONY.

According to SONY president and CEO Jim Ryan:

“We’ve had a strong partnership with Bungie since the inception of the Destiny franchise, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to officially welcome the studio to the PlayStation family.”

Bungie studio fans can expect an improved gaming experience thanks to this SONY Bungie deal. Bungie will remain independent and will make their own creative decisions regarding gaming. However, they will now have the support of SONY. SONY will basically help studio Bungie reach billions of players worldwide.


The SONY Bungie deal is beneficial for both tech giants. With the help of SONY, Bungie’s gaming franchises will reach billions of players worldwide. This acquisition is also the latest step in SONY’s strategy to reach maximum customers with its PlayStation consoles.





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