The Best Call of Duty Skins

Gaining victory in Call of Duty required great shooting skills and good setting tactical strategy. However, your character’s appearance also plays an important role in giving you safety room during the battle. Call of Duty skins can help you to blend into your surroundings so that the enemies will not easily find you.

This article is going to break down the best Call of Duty Warzone skins you can consider using, along with how to unlock them. Using the right skin will definitely give more advantages for you. Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at them now.

Mara – Notice Meow Skin

The Best Call of Duty Skins
Source: YouTube

If you want cool skin with a small touch of cuteness in Call of Duty, the Mara skin in the Kawaii Cat version could be perfect for you. It looks adorable with cat ears on top of her helmet yet still has a skillful impression. Grab this miawesome skin from the sore with 2400 CP.

Morte – Billy the Puppet Skin (One of the Scariest Call Of Duty Warzone Skins)

Source: YouTube

The Billy skin from the terrifying SAW movies has become one of the most popular bundles purchased. It was first released during the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event. Actually, this skin is great for adding a more eerie atmosphere during the gun rifle combat with his psycho expression of Billy. Anyway, just like Mara skin cat, you can get the Billy skin in the store with 2400 CP. Are you dare to try this skin?

Roze – Near Dark Skin (The Best Call of Duty Warzone Skins)

Source: GameTaco

The Near Dark variant of the Roze skin is great to camouflage your Warzone characters during the battle. It’s because it has an all-black colour scheme and it blends perfectly with the surroundings.

As a result, it’s nearly impossible to spot a player with this skin and sit in a dark room. So, if you wish to bring down enemies surreptitiously, this skin will be a perfect choice. However, this skin can only be obtained by maximizing the battle pass during season 5 of Modern Warfare.

Mace – Metal Phantom Skin

the Best Call of Duty Warzone Skins
Source: Bonjela Gaming

If the Billy skin from the SAW movie is probably the scariest one you can find in CoD, the Mace skin probably could be the most vicious skin of all. According to the bio, Mace was an ex-US Ranger who will turn gun for hire. He’s also used to joining Jackals cutting his teeth in the slums of Soweto, South Africa.

Other than that, Mace also owned traditional scars on his body to honour his heritage and the skull mask that make him look more threatening. Purchase this skin in the store with only 2400 CP.

Ghost – Azrael Skin

Source: YouTube

Need another skin to manipulate the game’s color schemes? You’ll like the Azrael skin then. Just like Roze skin, this skin also has an all-black appearance that can completely camouflage the operator. The difference between the Roze and Azrael skin is the all-white ghost mask. This skin is worth 2400 CP just like other skins previously mentioned, and you can find it on the in-game store.


So, from the list of the Call of Duty skins above, which one do you think is the best and can benefit your position during combat? Please let us know by dropping your comment below!

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