The international 2022: Start Date and Ticket Price Confirmed!

Calling out to all big fans of DOTA 2! We’ve got something to tell you about and we promise, this is going to make you thrilled! Yep, The International 2022 event is on the way to you. This is actually the largest event to date.

The International 2022 or as known as TI11 is a prestigious DOTA 2 tournament. Valve confirmed that there will be 20 teams competing in October 2022. Other than the teams that will be at this event, the fans can also attend the event. If you are one of them, you should get to know more details about this event. Let’s dive into the article.

The International 2022 Schedule

The international 2022

According to Valve, The TI11 tournament event will start from 8th to 30th October 2022. Although it will run almost the entirety of October in South Asia, particularly in Singapore, the main event will be divided into four parts.

The Last Chance Qualifiers begin on the 8th – 12th of October and will be continued with the Group Stage phase on October 15th – 18th. Additionally, this phase is essential for filtering the teams that deserve to make it to the Playoffs phase.

The Playoffs section begins on October 20th – 23rd at the SunTec Singapore. Moreover, the Finals start from October 29th – 30th and are going to take place at Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

Apart from all that, you should be ready for the ticket, since Valve is going to release the TI11 ticket for sale as soon as August 13th, 2022 at 10 a.m SGT (2 a.m GMT). Just be sure you mark your calendar as a reminder of the ticket war for the DOTA 2 tournament event.

The International 2022 Ticket Price

The International 2022 Ticket Price
Source: Aroged

When it comes to ticket pricing, you might be surprised at how much TI11 tickets will cost. The cost to attend the whole part of the TI11 event is as much as USD 616.

The DOTA 2 The International 11 tickets are considered to be insanely expensive and might be hardly affordable for the average person. However, the ticket will separately sale for two main events. As for the Playoffs events, it costs USD 64 or SGD 88 per day. That means, if you wish to attend the four days of the Playoffs section, you will ‘only’ spend around USD 255 or SGD 352.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t include your attendance at the Final section in the last week of October. In order to access the Final section, you need to pay as much as USD 361 or SGD 495 for a single ticket. 

Other than the event ticket price, you will also need to spare extra money for accommodation that is worth around $50-USD 150 per night, the return airfare (if you come from other countries) that costs around USD 1,200, meals, and other unpredictable expenses. That’s actually crazy.

However, Valve doesn’t seem to change the ticket price though. So, the best solution if you really want to attend the event is to save your money with all of your heart from now on. And we hope it will work that out.


In addition to the ‘over-priced’ ticket, still, The International 2022 event is worth the hype, especially if you are a die-hard fan of DOTA 2. So, do you really want to miss this out? You decide!

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